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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why all this happened?

Why was all this allowed to go this far, this bad?

The why has an interesting answer:

Imagine Kristiac Races, eternal races in the Edon levels - the Middle Domain Levels. There was a curiosity - innocent wonder - a curiosity about the full nature of God-Source.

(See: God Worlds)

They know they have the ability to incarnate themselves into the Outer Domains and explore what God is, and sometimes, the way to know something its fullest is to know fullest what it is not.

To understand the Krist Code some collectives chose to express as its opposite in order to find out what that meant because if nobody ever did it, nobody would ever know.

The opposite of Divine Order was a "course of study" taken by certain eternal collectives in the Edons.

The races out here, of which our races are a Soul part, were part of that Study Team.

It is as if there is a part of ourselves that is back there and never left and is there knowing it sent a part of themselves. (See: Downstepping) They didn't send it out for misery, we all agreed to that point - we are one self - so we agree... let's try this... right?... since there is a reality field out there that can really go nuts and we can find out answers to everything that you can only guess at if you don't experiment it, if you didn't try, because there will always be the Path of The Krist back.

There was always the choice of Free Will to come back in and follow the natural laws of physics as they apply to these systems to get you back home and get you back in, but if you chose, - if an incarnate chose - to use its independence to fulfill the will of opposite expression it was actually a sadness to the part of the self that stayed in the Edons, but it was respected, and what was respected also was that there were amazing things to learn about what Source is not and why Source is what It is, why the Krist Code is what it is, and why it is eternal.

Why it's better to be nice than nasty, why it's better to share or why it's better to love Source and have an open co-creative relationship with it than it is to not have a direct relationship with Source.

They learnt about what Ego means, what means to be sourceless. To feel yourself sourceless to the point that you have to pretend and play games with yourself and create a false source that you call yourself, alone, and think that you have the right to go and walk all over everything else because you're on top.

There was all sorts of lessons that were learnt...

Can all these happen just because we were Curios? No. It's because we love Source so much, in those places where we haven't forgotten how to do that, that we wanted to know every aspect of Source and by experiencing the highs of its opposite expression it made Source and our love for Source ever more precious. So we can love Source the most fully and completely by experiencing what it meant to know the lack of Source and then you go back with absolute humility and absolute love and gratitude.

There is a place of peace and understanding why this is all right actually. Source knows that nothing can ever be outside of Itself - everything is in Source - so you can't be thrown out into a universe that doesn't have Source. You can only be thrown out into a universe that has forgot is a part of Source.

So this is not an issue for the beings that know eternity, and you hold a part of your being that knows eternity. That's how you got here in the first place.

When we have things like systems in Star Fire, some being will get out, some others will Call Fall and some will Black Hole Fall, etc. Well, black hole fall has an end of story too, and that end of the story is a path of exploration, of learning to do many things that they might have forgotten a long time ago.

Once all these things are learnt there is still a peace even for those races that chose the anti-Christiac expression (See: Fall) stand and return as space dust and not with its full memory matrix. The thing is they never left in the first place and they are still loved and capable of love.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
  • Mount Shasta, May 2006 Workshop)