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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


The 3 Primary Sound Fields (Life Force Currents - from beyond the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix) are collectively referred as the Energy Matrix or Khundaray Fields or Rainbow Ray.

Activation of DNA Strand Template 30-48 allows a being to fully embody the frequencies and consciousness of the Khundaray Primal Sound Fields from the Energy Matrix beyond the Time Matrix

When a being activates the Khundaray within its body and consciousness it becomes what is known as a Khundara or “Yani,” a fully embodied Yanas, which is the legitimate use of the term “Ascended Master.”

The Khundaray is the PRE-LUMINAL vibration, or STANDING WAVE OF INTERNAL SOUND emitted from ONE-SOURCE-GOD, that corresponds to the Combined original Sound Currents from which the Kee-Ra-ShA Primal Life-Force Currents emerge.

(See:  God Source)

The Primal Sound Fields are vast fields of Conscious Living Energy that form the first expression of Source/God into manifestation (Energy Matrix).

These Sound Fields form the Conscious energy that is “stepped down” into the next expression of God in the Primal Light Fields.

In the process of God/Source stepping down Living Units of Consciousness into matter, Sound energy or frequency is “stepped down” into Living Light Energy or frequency.

The Light Fields are made of a more “dense” frequency than the Sound Fields since they are the next step “down” in the creation of solid matter. One could think of the Primal Sound Fields as the Inside Song of Creation.

Everything in manifestation has its core song, and every matter form has a core song or “frequency” which is ‘unique to it, as an expression of God/Source.

These Conscious Living Sound Fields, are also known as the Ascended Master collectives.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
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Breneau or Rishi

Breneau Orders, Solar Rishi or Meta-terrestrials

The 3 Primary Founders Race Collectives in our Time Matrix seeded as a life-wave into our 15-dimensional Time Matrix 950 billion years ago (Earth time translation), by the Eieyani of the Khundaray Primal Sound Fields.

(See: Eieyani and Yanas)

The Breneau Orders exists as eternal gestalts of consciousness in the form of spherical Ante-matter constructs of Thermoplastic Radiation within the 3 Primal Light Fields that form Density-5, dimensions 13,14 and 15 of our 15-dimensional Time Matrix.

(See: Time Matrix

They represent our “ Universal Family of Consciousness,” through which all things manifest are indelibly connected to the Khundaray Primal Sound Fields, Yanas and Source through the energetic expression of the Kee-Ra-ShA Primal Light Fields. 

(See:  KhundaraySource)

Each of the 3 Founder Races Breneau Orders represents a collective of consciousness seeded into time by one of the 3 Yanas Collectives from the Energy Matrix.

(See: Founder RacesEnergy Matrix)

The Emerald Order Breneau exist within the Blue-Eckatic Kee-Ra-ShA Light Field, and are representatives of the Emerald Order Grandeyanas collective.

The Gold Order Breneau exist within the Pale-Gold-Polaric Kee-Ra-ShA Light Field, and are representatives of the Gold Order Wachayanas collective.

The Amethyst Order Breneau exist within the Violet-Triadic Kee-Ra-ShA Light Field, and are representatives of the Amethyst Order Ramyanas collective.

The 3 Breneau Order Founders Races are the eternal collectives of consciousness from, through, and within which the life-field seeded by the Yanas, manifest in space-time-matter expression.

The Breneau Collectives are often referred as the “Rishi” or “Solar Rishi”, and sometimes as “Meta-terrestrials”

True Avatar embodiments are the result of a limited number of Contract Agreements made between a consciousness choosing to incarnate from Harmonic Universe-4 (most consciousness incarnate from harmonic universes-1 and 2) and the Harmonic Universe-5 Rishi gestalts of consciousness who watch over human evolutionary cycles (often called the "Councils of Light").

(See: AvatarHarmonic Universe)

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
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