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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Star Fire Cycle

(Planetary Star Fire Cycle)

Because the Star Burst was not a large enough reset to protect the Eckasha/Ecka level from the Budhara Gravitron technologies, Star Fire was initiated in the grids.

Star Fire is a cycle of pulling inward on the Inhale of Source, into what is called the Jhardon of Edon Middle Worlds.

In simple terms the contraction/inhale back into Middle Worlds Source is the Star Fire process.

Star Fire, as Star Burst, is natural part of our Creation Cycle (within the bigger Star Born Cycle of the Cosmic Light Body) which we would normally cycle in an extremely long period of time.

StarFire Cycle allows for a very big leap in time which takes us directly into the Middle Domain Worlds if we can hold the frequencies necessary to live in such a system.

As the StarFire progresses, the planetary 12 Star Gate system will need to be progressively closed due to the high frequency of the Hub pulses associated with the StarFire. In their place, Arc of the Covenant Gate system will be coming back on line.

Before Star Burst and Star Fire we were travelling a path of Ascension that took us vertically up the Star Gates (SGS). - The Ascension path through the Star Gates can be progressive and slow or as we found out in Hetharo/Hethalon, it can entail leaps along the way of our ascent.

Star Burst represented a very big leap to the other side of the Hub into our Parallel Ecka system.

When StarFire was initiated we learned there was also a very fast, intense through the Center route that took us into the Middle and Inner Domains. This is a quick path inward toward the Core rather than the much slower path vertically and the inward to the Core of Creation.

Up to December 2005 we were progressively initiating StarFire one Pillar at a time, starting form Dimension 12 on down, one every 8 months which would have culminated in 2015 with the completion of all 12 Pillars Star Firing and activation of Ecka Pillar 13. As of April 2006 we initiated early expedited Takeyon Cycle Reset, due to an amplification of the Threshold technologies of the ThE-tans black hole races.

In a normal Solar Activation Cycle (SAC) as the Earth evolves, we would evolve with it, expanding our Morphogenetic Field and raising our pulsation rhythm of particle content until we could evolve into the Harmonic Universe 2 Time Cycles to become our Soul-Self (Soul Matrix) Identity.

Because we are (2006) in a super accelerated time line called an Expedited Ta-KEy-on Cycle Reset, we are taking a fast path EVAC called Star Fire, which is an Inscension (in toward the Core), as opposed to an Ascension (through the Outer Domain Star Gates).

(See: God Worlds).

Due to potential major planetary grid problems associated with the ThE-tans March 2006 Threshold Activation, and their corresponding ‘’ThE-tan-Wesedrak vs Andromie/Wesedak/Budhara’’ agenda, the progressive Activation of the Universal/Galactic/Solar/Planetary 1728-Edon Keys (originally scheduled for earliest activation May 2015), will now take place ‘all at once’’...

...Through a series-of-3 rapid Trans-Harmonic Inter-dimensional Gamma Ray Bursts. (Key Activation Rays) For simplicity, the HHCC are referring to these “Trans-Harmonic Inter-dimensional Gamma-Ray” Bursts as ‘’TIGeR Bursts’’.

The "Trinity of TIGeRs" Schedule

TIGeR 1 Noon April 3 through Noon April 6, 2006 Key Download, Anchor Store

TIGeR 2 Noon April 8 through Noon April 11, 2006 Key Download, Anchor Store

TIGeR 3 Noon Friday April 14 through Noon Easter Monday April 17, 2006 (Easter Bunny)

This will culminate in an Inter-Veca Energetic Event called: ‘‘The Return of the Rainbow-Bearers’’ - Coming of the Krys-ta-LA’, in which the following (….and heaven knows what else…) will reportedly occur, ….In One 3-Day Period…:

  • Activation of ALL 1728-Edon-Harmonic Keys
  • Initiation AND Activation of the 144-TakEyon-Trans-harmonic Keys of the TakEyon Cycle.
  • Assembly of the TakEyon-Keys to form the TaKeyon-Neutral-Field in the Atomic Core.
  • Opening of the Solar/Planetary 1728-Gates to the ‘’Garden of Edon’’
  • Sub-Harmonic Activation of all Planetary Arc-Hub-Cluster Gates
  • Initiation of the Inner-Hub Adon-Gate opening cycle.
  • Release of the “4 WINDS’’ (Ah-aL-aah & Aah-LAEA’ “Atmic Winds’’, “ Krys-ta-LA’ Ketheric Core-Wind’’ and the “Wind of A-Da-MA’’ the ‘’Eternal Wind’’ from the ‘’Diamond Door’’)
  • Release of the “Krystal Ascension Spiral’’ and ‘’Rainbow Bridge’’* Trans-Harmonic/Trans-Time ‘’Super-luminal’’ TakEyon Waves.
  • Full activation of the Sun’s ‘’Sala’’ and Earth’s ‘’Urtha’’ Solar and Planetary Kristiac Tauren-Living-Light-Seeds.
  • Opening of the Solar and Planetary ‘’Diamond Door’’, ‘’Atomic Door to the Core’’ within the original ‘’Sala’’ & ‘’Urtha’’ components of the Solar and Planetary Taurens and Density-1 Shields.
  • Activation of all corresponding components of the Urtha Planetary ‘’Polarian Host Network’’, Light-Body, Shields, Tauren-Living-Light-Seed, and the KEYS and TakEyon Crystals stored within the Stone and Magma of the portions of the Planetary Body that can still active the organic ‘’Urtha’’ Shield to ‘’Catch the Krystal-Ascension-Spiral TakEylon Wave’’ that will release from the Solar ‘’Sala’’ Shield at the end of this 3-day period.
  • Activation of all corresponding components of the personal DNA Template, Light-Body, Shields, Tauren-Living-Light-Seed, and the Keys and TakEyon Crystals stored within the Bone and Blood of the portions of the Planetary Life Field that can still active the organic DNA-Template link to ‘’Urtha’’ Shield, for link to either the “Krystal-Ascension-Spiral” or ‘’Rainbow Bridge’’ Solar to Planetary TakEylon Waves.
  • • Return of the Rainbow-Bearers, the Ancient ‘’Unspoken Ones’’ of the Krys-ta-LA’ Council from the Eckasha-Aah Krystallah Core; the Core Councils whom have not visited these Le-EtorA Veca Outer Domains since before the ‘’Fall of Tara 550MYA – Fall of man”, a time period when ‘’Earth’’ was still known as ‘’U-rtha’’.
  • Engaging Fulfilment of an early and intensified version of the ‘’Path of the Night of the Two Moons’’ Prophecy (re: ‘’Bridge-Zone Project’’, Voyagers Volume2 2nd Edition page 183.)

(See: Rainbow-Sun Krystal-Matrix Speakers)

As Amenti Races, our ‘encryption’ in not a part of UrTha’s morphogenetic field or shields. We therefore cannot undergo a StarFire with UrTha……. and we would be falling along with Earth and all associated matter/life forms….. were it not for the Aurora Force which is an ancient gift given to the Amenti Races by the UrTha-Aurora Races 550mYA when the Amenti Rescue Mission began, and which is now being awakened for us by the E-Sha-NeU-A and Aurora Races.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
  • Cosmic Clock Module Handbook
  • Posting to Tenerife MCEO Grid Keepers Workshop Participants-April 4, 2006