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Thursday, July 6, 2017

God Seed

Within Source, at the level of the God seed, there are created sets of God Seeds. (12 in each set)

The God-Seed is imbued with the characteristics of consciousness possessed by the Yunasai, and thus creates within itself smaller constructs of consciousness that reflect the structures set by the Yunasai. (A process of exponential fractalization)

The God Seed represents the Source Family of Gestalt Consciousness within which the levels of individuated identity have their being.

The Yunasai creates many God-Seeds, and in relation to the structure of our Cosmic Order, there are 24 (2 sets of 12) Primary God-Seed Collectives within our cosmos and universes manifest. They are known as the Yusette identities, and exist in a state of perpetual At-One-ment with the mind of God.

Creation of the God-Seed of Consciousness Gestalt is the first step in the Stair Step Creation.

All 12 Eckasha God Seed Flames are connected via the Eckasha-A Seed Atom Center Flame.

(See: ADDOndra-360 God Seed Flame)

Each of the God Seeds creates sets of 12 Monads, and each step-down in level of consciousness occurs in sets of 12.

The God Seed, as the first level of individuation from Source, holds the full pattern of the original pulse of consciousness that you came into manifestation on. All manifestation, all individuation is based on sets of 12. The Monad , the Reuche Pillars, the Kathara Grid, the DNA---all based on a pattern of 12. The 12 position holds the entire pattern within itself.

The Prima God Seeds are those that hold the full energy of the original pulse of consciousness.

The Melchizedek God Seed is one of these, and it represents the 12 position in its set of 12 God Seeds. It contains within it the ‘codes’ (the light and sound template patterns that allow for expression of consciousness in form) of all of the others in its set, and is therefore capable of resetting the pattern of any of those other God Seeds if there are problems in the step-down levels of the family lines.

All humans are connected to the Melchizedek God Seed, although there are some beings currently in human bodies that originally came from other God Seeds. Because the Melchizedek God Seed is one of the God Seeds that has held the integrity of most of its family lines intact, representatives of this line exist on the cosmic and other levels of being as the Melchizedek Priesthood.

The human lineage is directly descended from this God Seed, and originated to address the problem of monadic reversal, which occurs when consciousness in the time matrix gets disconnected from its monadic level of being. 

(See: Host Matrix)

You can think of the Monad as the aspect of Source, and ourselves, that sets the pattern out of which every aspect of our reality is made.

When we talk about the Seed Atom or Azur-A , we inevitably end up talking about the Monad as well, as they are deeply connected, essentially different aspects of the same thing.

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