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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Celesmiac - Celestron

(Celesmiac Residue –Celestron Powder)

(See also: Celesteline)

In the Nibiru and Anunnaki cultures and some others, there were periods of time when members of the Angelic Humans and Magi races were hunted and captured for the forced harvest of both the Stardust Blue and the less pure white-yellow-gray electron powder.

Under certain circumstances, this substance could be used to induce partial transmutation and temporary DNA strand braiding, thus allowing Star Gate passage in races with reverse matrix DNA templates, but who could nevertheless initiate natural 12-strand DNA braiding on their own.

Only the pure Celesmiac residue could induce temporary artificial strand braiding sufficient for Anunnaki to pass through Density-2 Star Gates that were normally biologically off limits to them.

Harvest of Celesmiac residue was a torturous and deadly process. External photosonic devices were used to begin, by force, the transmutation process within the DNA of captured Angelic Humans. Then the devices were used to block the DNA template and halt the atomic transmutation just as the Celesmiac residue fluid was excreted from the skin and turned to powder.

The Anunnaki would typically have only about three minutes to harvest powder from the skin of the subject captive via electrostatic collection, before the DNA template turned in on itself due to forced

electromagnetic blockage. As the DNA template collapsed, the biology of the humans victim spontaneously combusted.

The Anunnaki needed to harvest the Celesmiac powder from an average of 12 victims and use the artificially sustained power within a maximum period of several hours to achieve one Star Gate passage for one individual. The Nibiruan Anunnaki considered humans to be an expendable replenishable source.

During certain periods of time, such as in 60,000 B.C. down through 25,000 B.C., in certain areas of Atlantis, before the checkerboard mutation, there were Angelic Human forced breeding farms, which were set up in Atlantean Temples by the Nibiruan Anunnaki expressly for the purpose of replenishing the supply of expendable Angelic Humans form which Celesmiac residue could be harvested."

When the Checkerboard Mutation brought these practices to a close, the Anunnaki focused their attentions upon the harvest of the less pure whitish-yellow- gray Celestron powder, which could be acquired from Magi Angelic Humans who retained the same degree of transmutation ability despite the checkerboard mutation....

...Though the Celestron powder did not have the strength to induce DNA stand braiding in a reverse matrix DNA template, it could temporarily activate random portions of the higher dimensional strand template chemical DNA sequences, much in the manner of chemical LSD.

The Celestron also produced temporary facts of increased physical endurance, disease immunity and expanded mental capacity. For these reasons, the Celestron powder became a valuable commodity, especially once the checkerboard mutation genetically blocked interdimensional awareness, as the substance could temporarily produce short glimpses of the other side of the biological veil. Celestron powder became most popular amongst the Leviathan Anunnaki human hybrid races and to some unfortunate Angelic Humans who fell to the powers of its seduction.

Despite the seeming beneficial effects of ingesting Celestron powder, which created temporary benefits in health and consciousness expansion, the substance progressively shattered the natural scalar wave blueprints of the DNA template by drawing higher dimensional frequency randomly into the DNA and body out of the natural electromagnetic sequences.

This created a condition known as molecular compaction, or progressive reduction and destruction of the DNA template and the resultant progressive irreversible mutation of the chemical DNA and ultimately degeneration of the physical body and mental faculties.

As Celestron powder was moist often found on the mummified bodies of the Egyptian royals, the Celestron powder came be to be known as `mummy dust'. The more powerful fresh whitish-yellow- gray Celestron powder harvested soon after death became known as 'White Powder Gold' (Celesteline) , as when it was combined with powdered shavings of elemental gold and several other ingredients, it retained the strength of its chemical properties for longer periods of time.

The less powerful blackened Celestron powder harvested form bodies long dead could also be revitalized and strengthened to some degree by combining it with the gold powder concoction. This less valuable but still popular substitute became known as `black powder gold'.

Akhenaton' s folly provided a demonstrated testimony to the mishap of self- glorification and the use of external substances as an attempt to gain, without doing the inner work required, the abilities and wisdom can only be acquired through genuine internally directed spiritual identity integration and restorative DNA template activation.

Many people in contemporary times would benefit from heading the device once given to, and ignored by, Pharaoh Akhenaton: "If you are so advanced that you could handle the chemical and escape the undesirable potentials, you wouldn't need the chemical to rate the illusion of false consciousness expansion."

When external means are used to induce `consciousness expansion' (See: Ascension), the external force `owns the power', the user does not. We are all capable of reclaiming our natural dormant powers of consciousness expansion and biological transmutation through internal spiritual integration and natural DNA template activation, a potential we can easily lose through damaging the DNA Template in the quest for a `quick fix' of false enlightenment.

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