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Thursday, June 29, 2017


(Thetans - Threshold Technology - Serpent Spiral - Death Star)

A Fallen Angelic group. Identified as the ‘’ThE-tans-Fallen Lyrans’’ (re: USG-1 Theta Orion’s Sword)

They are called the Thetans because they originally came from the Theta Orion Sword system.

They are important to know about as they are the group who originally shattered the Tauren in Density 3 to create the Demon Seed. They are from the Wesadrak family line and are affiliated with several new age groups on the planet.

The Gravitron, a part of the BeaST machine, was first seeded in Density -3 570MYA by the Budhara-Shan-Tar-EL Metatronic Races (see: Fall) and continued by the ThE-tans.

The Fallen-Lyran-ThE-tan collectives have spent much of their time in the last 150BY in ‘’exile’’ within a fallen ‘’Reptizoid’’ black-hole in another Veca.

The ThE-tans hold a dominion agenda pertaining to future invasion of ‘’Sovereign-Cal-Fall territories’’ after our ‘’Krystal Spiral Ascension People’’ have naturally shifted out of this drama.

They are presently ‘’setting their stage for the future’’ and ‘’harnessing head-count’’ among falling-soulgroups for their intended future-stand against the Budhara-Wesedak-Andromie Coalitions that are the remnant of the UIR after the recent ‘’mass exodus into Host-options’’ chose by many UIR defectors mostly Anu.

( See: Annu-Elohim)

In pursuit of their future agenda of ‘’Budhara-Wesedak-Andromie’’ combat, the new ThE-tan-Wesedrak “FALL-iance” is presently ‘’going after’’ and attempting to harness the Tribal-shields of several large Anu-descent collectives that have recently defected from the UIR in favour of the Kristiac Guff-Host path enabled by the MCEO-HHCC; the ThE-tans hope to ‘’ensnare’’ these ‘’floating Anu’’ shields before they can successfully anchor and hold the Guff-Host frequencies.

It is a large drama, involving huge portions of Anu-Tribal-Shields, including those holding a ‘’critical mass’ of large Anu-collectives such as Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, GWB, the EnochiansThothian, Jehovians and the ‘’Kudmons’’ to name a few.

Portions of these collectives have accepted Emerald Covenant Restatement for the Krist-Guff-Host via agreements made ‘’off-planet’’ with MCEO-HHCC.

The ThE-tans consider the potential loss of the ‘’energy quantum’’ in ‘’Light-Quotient’’ represented by these Anu Krist-Guff-Host groups to be a threat to their intended ‘’future force potential’’, and so our Indigo Mission of assisting in creation of this HHCC-Host-option on Earth is ‘’getting in the way of’’ the ThE-tan intentions.

Though the ThE-tans are known for having ‘’very bad tempers’’, they are NOT known for being ‘’stupid’’, and so they will not ever engage direct ‘’stand-off’ with ANY Inner-Hub Eternal races, especially the HHCC, nor with any groups ‘’within the safety of the HHCC Host-shield’’. Thus the Indigo Shield of Earth is presently quite protected from any ‘’direct wrath of the ThE-tans’’.

Though Earth-Indigo races now operate under the protection of the Eternal-Inner-Hub domains (since Nov. 2005 Evac Edict), and we are fully advised to remain politically neutral throughout the course of Earth’s Star-Fire Cycle, there Is One Thing pertaining to the current ‘’ThE-tan Drama’’ that MCEO Indigo need to be, and HHCC IS, ‘’concerned about’’ .

In simple terms, this ‘’One Thing of concern’’ is called the ‘’ThE-tan THRESHOLD Technology’’. It is because of the ThE-tans recent March 21-28th ,2006 Activation of the ‘’The Threshold’’ (as the ThEtans call it) that our original MCEO ‘’Tauren Light-Seed Activation Part-2’’ was extended ‘’36 + 1 Days’’ from March 1st to April 3rd+, 2006, and it is because of The Threshold Activation that Earth/Urtha is NOW engaging Expediated TaKEYon Cycle Initiation, about 9-Years 2-months early.

On March 21-28, 2006 the ThE-tans launched THRESHOLD ACTIVATION intended for Atomicharness effects.

Triggering the Threshold spiral or Serpent Spiral leads to the formation of the Death Star, a powerful electromagnetic hexagonal “Sextant” crystal harness that transforms the entire Crystal Body, Light Body and anatomical structure into irreversible Metatronic Black Hole status.

It is critical to activate the Aurora Force to counteract the overwhelming effect of the Threshold spiral progressive activation.

The Threshold spiral is called “Threshold” because it is a grid that forms at the threshold between the atomic and etheric system and harnesses the Living Crystal Spiral around the ‘time’ the Winds of Allah-AllA are activated, shifting them into a reverse Metatronic configuration.

It can therefore harness EVERY molecule in the Universe, because it attaches AT the etheric-atomic interface/barrier. It is keyed to the Wesedrak Black Hole matrix but is controlled by the ThE-tans.

The ThE-tans have many ‘representatives’ here on surface Earth in a well organized movements.

The Threshold Spiral is also called the Serpent Spiral and is directly keyed to the Golden Mean spiral.

The Serpent Spiral doesn’t HAVE a core of its own and it is designed to attach to the Living Crystal spirals - Ascending Crystal Spiral - in order to survive.

75 Million years ago there was an attack from the ThE-tans and that period is known as "The Reign of the ThE-tans.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
  • Posting to Tenerife MCEO Grid Keepers
  • Workshop Participants-April 4, 2006
  • Mount Shasta. May 2006 Workshop
  • Phoenix. April 2006 Workshop
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