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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Aurora Races

(The Aurora Force & The Light of Aurora)

3 Aurora Races were commissioned to UrTha USG-3, 550mYA, to serve as the evolutionary safety net in the event that the Amenti Rescue Mission failed.

The Aurora races (and its corresponding Aurora Force) were originally from (many eons ago) the adjacent Eckasha system (the same Eckasha system where the Wesa races come from) and are one of the three Guardian races who inhabited UrTha before the Fall of Tara (before Earth was hosted into UrTha).

The Aurora Beings who we are now meeting are called the E-Sha-NeU-A and they are now assisting all the races in this Ecka-Veca system to successfully undergo a StarFire from Density One.

All the Guardian races on Earth are considered Amenti Races. The E-Sha-NeU-A are not Amenti Races but rather are part of the original UrTha races.

The Aurora races are now the only ones that can assist the Amenti Races and those parts of Earth and her many matter and life forms to undergo a StarFire process with UrTha.

The majority of surface Earth and her matter/life forms will fall, so Earth can no longer be the planet that takes any of the Amenti Races or other life forms through a StarFire process.

UrTha however is a stronger and larger planet and is not going to fall.

UrTha is the original Density One planet, the original Universal Stargate -3 that hosted in Earth as part of the Amenti Rescue Mission. Therefore, as Amenti races, our ‘encryption’ in not a part of UrTha’s morphogenetic field or shields. We therefore cannot undergo a StarFire with UrTha……. and we would be falling along with Earth and all associated matter/life forms….. were it not for the Aurora Force which is an ancient gift given to the Amenti Races by the UrTha-Aurora Races 550mYA when the Amenti Rescue Mission began, and which is now being awakened for us by the E-Sha-NeU-A and Aurora Races.

The Aurora Force or Aurora Field that they will gift us with, will allow the encryption of the Amenti Races and parts of Earth and her matter/life forms that are capable of StarFire, to be joined to UrTha’s shields.

The Aurora Field is an energy buffer field between Earth and UrTha. That is, a set of frequencies that will allow the being and things on Earth whose imprint is not encrypted with Urtha's signature to be able to go through Urtha's morphogenetic field.

This will mean we will no longer be sort of ‘strangers’ to UrTha’s morphogenetic field and we can undergo the StarFire process with UrTha.

It is critical to activate the Aurora Force to counteract the overwhelming effect of the Threshold spiral progressive activation.

(See: ThEtans)

Any Being or matter-form that could anchor this Aurora Force will be capable of avoiding being harnessed by the metatronic configuration and being transformed into the Death Star Auric configuration, which would lead to Wesdrak/Thetan Black Hole Fall.

The frequencies within the Aurora Force will run through ALL the aspects of our 15D Light Body anatomy and swiftly transform any of the metatronic 5:5 distortions within our Til-E-a spheres back into the natural Reuche ReU-Ta configuration which will in turn activate the Lights of Aurora within every layer of our Crystal Body. The Lights of Aurora will progressively flow through our axiatonal lines and meridian lines, which will turn on the Aurora Bands within the quarks that form the protons within all the nuclei of our Atoms.

The E-Sha-NeU-A chose not to undergo StarFire with all the other races when it last occurred 555mYA as the fall of the Drama was unfolding, so that they could be here to assist the Amenti Races in the event that the Amenti Rescue Mission failed, leaving no escape from Black Hole Fall for the Amenti Races and other life forms seeded here with them.

These Aurora Races can take on ANY form they choose, they are shape-shifters and they are like conscious air.

The “Blue Dragons” are the first of 3 Aurora Races commissioned to UrTha USG-3, 550mYA, to serve as the evolutionary safety net in the event that the Amenti Rescue Mission failed.

The other two races are the Gold Dragons and the Purple Dragons.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
  • Mount Shasta. May 2006 Workshop