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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


(Christiac Civilization - Synocratic Society)

A "Synocracy", the heart of the Founders' Emerald Covenant Lyran-Sirian-Human Free Cultural Model, is a form of natural Christiac power delegation in relationship to co-operative group creative endeavors and sociological organization. Synchronistic Democracy is the egalitarian principle from which "Synocracy" draws its name.

The democratic element of a Synocracy implies that the contribution of all individual members is equally heard, valued and appreciated. All individuals are perceived as being equal in value and Blessedness within the entirety of the ONE God-Source, while the reality that individuals within a collective most often possess varying degrees of development, awareness, skill, commitment and responsibility is simultaneously acknowledged.

The "Synchronicity" element within a Synocracy implies that all members have agreed to apply a shared recognition, trust and reverence to a common loving Unified Source that is the Universal Christos Unified Consciousness Field (Unified Field) of the D-12 Universal Pre-matter Template Divine Blueprint.

"Synchronicity", or spontaneous, harmonious, co-creative, cooperative flow of energy, action and event in "Divine Right Order", emerges into the manifest world when individuals agree to trust fully, and allow, the Wisdom and Healing Expression of the Universal Christos Consciousness Field to fully express within the manifest experience.

In a Synocracy, the uncompromising Ethical Standard of Absolute Trust in the Wisdom, Love, Power and Expression of the Common Universal Christos Intention , as the final arbitrator, administrator and criteria of action to all manifest affairs, is the foundation belief and core agreement upon which the joys of genuine unconditional freedom, love, sharing and cooperative co-creation can be tangibly and practically manifest.

A Synocracy is a form of Christiac power delegation that produces the most joyful expression of cocreation among beings.

(See: Divine Intention, Krist Code)

If another-abusive, exploiting civilization refuses to recognize the Eternal Law of ONE and its interconnection to the whole, it will find itself quarantined with others of its kind, with emissaries sent from Christos societies to offer loving Law of ONE re-education to facilitate healing. Such quarantine will remain until the civilization demonstrates the willingness to use its power of Free Will Choice in ways that do not damage the Universal Creation Framework or violate the Free Will Rights of the Universal Collective.

If abuse of Free Will is permitted to destroy the very framework that allows for the existence of Free Will Choice, the gift of Free Will Choice becomes compromised by misapplication of itself and serves as the vessel of its own demise. Synocratic Christiac civilizations understand that the power of Free Will, if it is to remain free, must be applied within the boundaries of Wisdom of its co-creative context.

Members of a Synocracy recognize that each member, regardless of the apparent expressed level of skill, development, awareness or evolution, is intrinsically a part of the same D-12 Universal Christiac Divine Blueprint from which all beings and things emerge into manifestation.

In a Synocracy, this Common Christos Core is fully acknowledged, implying that a point of full unconditional equality, love, agreement and One-ness perpetually exists within the Universal Christos Unified Consciousness Field.

(See: At-One-Ment)

Members of a Synocracy know that this "Point of Christos Unity and Agreement" can be made manifest in practical terms, if members of the collective all hold the common intention of its embodiment and use their Free Will Choice to "settle for nothing less".

Members of a Synocracy all agree to serve as a vessel through which this common point of Christos Knowing and Common Understanding can express for the mutual benefit of all.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
  • Regents Consulate Meetings in Sarasota and NYC, Nov and Dec 2001