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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Divine Intention

(Kristiac Intention – Eternal Life)

Manifest Creation was set in motion upon the God-Source Original Divine Intention of:

  1. Perpetual Motion
  2. Eternal Life
  3. Love Based
  4. Co-creative, FREE WILL Expression (a direct reflection of the nature of God-Source)

The Free Will Choice is allowed even if that choice leads to the Choice of OPPOSITE EXPRESSION (Anti-Christiac Expression, See: Fall) to the Original Divine Intention and Divine Will of God-Source.

(See: Synocracy, Krist Code)

However, as God-Source Divine Original Intention includes the characteristics of Perpetual Motion and ETERNAL LIFE expression, as well as the characteristic of Free Will Choice, (through which the Original Divine Intention could potentially be destroyed through Free Will Choice of Opposite Expression), It ALSO EMBODIES the characteristic of CONSERVATION of Original Divine Intention, which expresses in terms of NATURAL PHYSICS LAW as the dynamic of "Cause and Effect" or "Action and Reciprocal Reaction".

In terms of Natural Spiritual Law the dynamics of Conservation of Original Divine Intention expresses as the LAW OF RECIPROCITY, (also known as "You will reap what you sow" or "What goes around comes around", which is the dynamic of CONSEQUENCE TO CHOSEN ACTION as the temperance to Free Will Choice.

Cosmic Order is Designed to be SELF-SUSTAINING and SELF RE-BALANCING - Eternal System.

If through the excessive misuse of Free Will Choice, the Choice of Opposite Expression of Divine Intention reaches a point at which it jeopardizes the Perpetual Motion, Eternal Life expression and continued existence of Cosmic Order, the Cosmos itself will restore order and balance through Re-Creation of the Divine Blueprint via the dynamics of "cause and effect" energy interrelationships inherent to the design of Cosmic Creation Physics Mechanics.

FREE WILL choice is an attribute of God-Source and therefore also consciousness once it is in manifestation.

Opposing these attributes is also allowed, within certain limits, stopping at the point at which the characteristics of the original Divine Intention could become compromised.

The line of demarcation, where Free Will choice of a manifest being is not allowed to affect the original Divine Intention, is at the interface of the Universal and Cosmic levels.

The smaller Universal Seed Atom and Merkaba systems are allowed to be subject to the influence of the Free Will Choice, meaning that the Merkaba fields of time matrices, Universes, Galaxies, Solar systems, stars, planets, and individual beings can become damaged through opposite expression Free Will choice.

When we use our gift of Free Will to direct our energies in a manner congruent with the Divine Right Order of Universal Unified Field Physics (which implies co-creative, non competitive co-evolution for all), the scalar-wave design of our personal Scalar Shields remains organized upon the intrinsic design of universal and personal Primal Order.

The Starburst Cycle and the Star Fire Cycle and their inherent phenomena of intensive, complex Unified Field Physics energy manifestations, can be seen as the “Core of the Organic Immune System within the Eternal Kristiac Body of God-Source”, through which God-Source infinitely upholds the Eternal Life Intention, sustains Eternal Life Creation and maintains Infinite Health through Self-healing of potential life-threatening imbalance emerging from the Gift of Free Will.

When manifest beings use their gift of Free Will Choice within the Original Divine Intention the state of AT-ONE-ment with God-Source can be known and embodied while within the manifest experience. This is Co-Creation.

Being both a sentient individual manifest AND simultaneously KNOWING Oneself as a direct, embodied expression of Christiac God-Source is known as the state of "God-Actualization"; this state creates the experience of FULLY ENGAGED NON-ATTACHMENT, (not DIS-ENGAGED DETACHMENT) accompanied by perpetual Unconditional Love, Peace, Spiritual and Material Mastery and Ecstatic Joy within the manifest arena.

The Universal Christos D-12 Density Divine Blueprint Pre-matter Living Liquid Light Field represents a direct expression of Divine Will Original Intention and the embodiment of the Natural Physics Laws of Energy and Consciousness through which that intention is perpetually expressed.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
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