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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Accretion Level

We call the amount of frequency Earth has pulled into its morphogenetic field (MF), from the dimensional unified fields, its Accretion Level.

Earth is presently at a 2.5-accretion level. - Earth has pulled into its morphogenetic field all of the dimension-1 (D-1) and D-2 frequency patterns, and half of the frequency patterns of D-3.

Life forms on a planet at the 2.5-accretion level will have a consciousness that falls near the 3.5 range.

Consciousness will perceive as solid matter and external reality the level of Earth's body that is one full dimension/Quadrant below the accretion level of the consciousness.

Present human consciousness has an average accretion level of 3-3.5, which means that the energy patterns and activity taking place within the low to middle frequency bands of D-3, between the 2 to 2.5-accretion level, within the fifth time continuum (time cycle), appears as solid matter, and external forms and events.

Present external earthly reality represents the energy patterns of Earth's body and the Unified Field in the low to middle frequency bands of D-3, in the fifth time continuum, at accretion levels 2-2.5.

In order to perceive the 2-2.5-accretion level of Earth as solid, consciousness must be stationed one dimension above, that is, between the low to middle D-4 frequency bands at an accretion level of 3-3.5 (seventh time continuum).

When perceiving your own physical body, and the external objects and activity around it, you are seeing the particle content of your own personal morphogenetic field, Earth's morphogenetic field and the Unified Field, as they exist within the low to middle frequency bands of D-3, in the pulsation rhythms of the fifth time continuum, at the 2-2.5-accretion level.

You perceive these frequencies bands as solid while the particle content of your consciousness is stationed within the low to middle frequency bands of D-4, in the pulsating rhythms of the seventh time cycle, at 3-3.5-accretion level.

You will perceive the frequency bands of middle to upper D-3, in the pulsating rhythm of the sixth time cycle, at 2.5-3-accretion level, as "inner space". the activity taking place "inside your head and body", and the atmosphere surrounding your body and the Earth, that gives you the perception of space between objects.

The illusion of 3-dimensional perception is created through this triad of particle pulsation speeds. The pulsation speed/rhythm of particles is created as energy substance flows between fields of particles having different angular rotations of particle spin (ARPS) in relation to each other.

The 3-dimensional human consciousness and the 3-dimensional body of the Earth consciousness are made of particles that pulsate at three different rhythms, and which exist at three different positions of angular rotation.

The three levels of the personal body and the Earth's body represent three different time continua, or Octaves, through which frequency bands from the dimensionalized Unified Field are pulled/accreted into the personal morphogenetic field and that of the Earth.

These three particle pulsation rhythms are synchronized, and through this dance of particle spin and pulsation, personal consciousness evolves with the Earth upward through the time cycles of the 15-dimensional scale, progressively expanding and raising the level of accretion.

The level of frequencies accreted into the personal morphogenetic field will determine the level of DNA strand assembly you posses. As you pull in more frequency bands from the dimensional Unified Fields, your accretion level rises, more DNA codes assemble and become operational within your DNA strands, and your consciousness and perceptual field expands.

The number of dimensional frequencies contained within the personal morphogenetic field corresponds directly to what dimensional levels of Earth's body, and what time continua, will be perceived as physically manifest reality, to that consciousness.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
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