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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Space - Time

Space-Time is “relative”, cyclic, experientially linear, exponentially circular, existent and non-existent …simultaneously; and changes fluidly and often seamlessly according to the “angle” (See: ARPS) and perspective from which it is viewed and biologically encoded.

Our planet, solar system, galaxy, universe and Veca system (Eckasha-Aah Universe) have an incredibly long (in terms of Earth years) and intricately complex evolutionary history that extends backward in time over 950 billion years (Earth time again).

In terms of Ecka Eieyani and AdonE, and Eckasha EyanA and ADonA experience, this “segment of linear space-time” appears much smaller and shorter, for the time-wave Base-rhythm of our eternal life Eckasha-Ecka Domains is much more broad and expansive than those upon which the smaller Ecka-Veca polarity systems are structured.

(See: God Worlds, Time Continuum)

Time is one integral part of the Wholeness that is Source. Time is also the intelligent units of the God Consciousness.

Time is a spiral of the consciousness of God itself which moves from the Core of Creation expanding out into the manifest worlds, then spiraling back to Source bringing with it knowledge through experience.

Source learns through the experiences we embody on our journey through Space and Time.

Space: The frequency bands, or flash-lines of Partiki Phasing, that are blocked out of the personal morphogenetic field, create Gaps of Perception, through which the Holographic picture of space between objects becomes perceivable to the organism.

(See: Apparthi)

The Planet exists within each of the six time continua simultaneously, through the synchronization of particle pulsation speed and angular rotation of spin (ARPS) within each of the time continua.

These process give the consciousness perceiving the third dimension the illusion of passage through linear time. In actuality, time is not linear, but simultaneous.

The relationship between wave strata within the dimensional frequency bands create the holographic refraction of light, sound and scalar waves that allows consciousness to perceive the illusions of matter solidity, space, time and externalization of reality while it is ensconced within the structures of dimensionalization.

The way Time is structured, layered out like space there are probabilities, which means there’s various different time vectors (time continua) of the same set of events that can get in a varieties of different ways.

(See: Heroic Path)

In order to understand the dynamics involved in time shifts, it is helpful to realize that the structure and illusion of linear Time is created through the pulsation rate of particles and their relationship to that of other particles.

Through the processes of planetary evolution, which entails the pulling in of frequency patterns of its respective Dimensions into its Morphogenetic Field, the illusion of the passage of time is created. In actuality time is not linear, but simultaneous.

Time exists as a Unified Field of particles pulsating at various rhythms and spinning on various angles of rotation (ARPS), through which the illusions of manifest space and linear time appear to individuated identities, as we bring segments of the Unified Field of particle substance into view by moving our consciousness through portions of the Unified Field.

Time does not move consciousness moves itself through the Unified Field of the Time Matrix.

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