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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Keylontic Science: Uses

Using Keylontic Science (Keylonta) the function of the human DNA imprint can be progressively restored, allowing the natural dynamics of Soul, Oversoul and Avatar level identity embodiment to commence. The Morphogenetic Field MF (energetic template) imprint of the DNA is progressively expanded through drawing frequency in from the dimensional Unified Fields of Energy that surrounds the body.

Keylontic Science can be used to correct morphogenetic field distortions that serve to block the natural process of frequency accretion and DNA/Consciousness expansion.

As the natural pattern of the morphogenetic field is restored, missing frequency accretes in the morphogenetic field, dormant aspects of the DNA & RNA come to life the "junk DNA" fragments in the cells begin to reorder and the manifest DNA expands its operational coding.

As the physical DNA expands its potentials, dormant areas of the brain slowly come to life.

The Pineal Gland begins to activate, reordering the functions of the metabolic and glandular systems. New neuro-passageways, nerve endings and brain-chemical combination develop, the body is progressively able to house higher dimensional aspects of consciousness and the embodied identity is progressively enabled to perceive and participate in action taking place in higher dimensional fields.

Eventually the cellular structure transmutes into less-dense form of matter (See: Density level), the chromosome number increases, and the biological carbons transmute into Silica, transforming the human biology into a more highly evolved biological form which can move through various dimensions at will.

Keylontic Science has many diverse applications from communication, healing, acceleration of the genetic code and advancement of Bio-spiritual evolution to the creation of advanced technologies such as the maneuvering of time-space portals.

Keylontic Science provides the foundations of knowledge upon which mastery of matter and consciousness can be achieved.

In studding Keylons and the energetic dynamics inherent to Keylontic Science we can learn to consciously direct the path of our physical and spiritual evolution.

Through this knowledge we can one day learn to master the contours of matter and consciousness as they apply to the simultaneously co-existing space-time fields of the 15-dimensional Matrix (Time Matrix), within which our present existence takes place.

The basic principle is to understand the mechanics by which the elements of Keylontic Science interrelate with the components of multidimensional anatomy.

Once we are aware of our personal energetic composition, we can begin to learn how to direct our inherent energy to affect desired change within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our

Keylontic Science Tools:

The primary tools of Keylontic Science are the inter-dimensional light, sound, electro-magnetic and scalar wave spectra and the scalar fields. (Standing electro-tonal wave fields)

Keylontic Science uses specific scalar templates to interact directly with the movement and structure of energy within morphogenetic fields (MF). The scalar templates are called Geomancies and Geomantic Codes.

Working consciously with Keylontic Science Exercises and the Geomancy Control Codes (and the condensed information and cognition the Geomancies contain) expedites the process of human spiritual integration and evolution of consciousness and biology.

In Keylontic Science, Primary Geomancy Control Coded and multi-dimensional light, sound and scalar spectra are used to realign the human body and DNA with the identity structure of the Soul and the Higher aspects of multi-dimensional identity.