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Saturday, July 8, 2017


What the Dream state really is?

There are different levels in the dream state. In certain levels we are just processing information from this reality system - this Harmonic Universe -, bit and pieces of information, frustrations. Etc. we are working them out in dreams so we don’t have to deal with them in physical terms.

Between that level and the next level of dreaming, which is a place of complete unconsciousness, that is not aware of being aware, and after you pass through that stage of unawareness (that corresponds to the polarization zone between the D3 and D4 bands – between you mental awareness in D3 and your Astral awareness in D4) we go to experience other dimensions.

When our consciousness goes to sleep it first passes out of its focus in the mental D3 awareness, shifting its awareness to higher frequency bands (There are 15 - See: Time Matrix), first to the unconscious reverse polarity zone, then speeds up more and goes into D4 to start having Astral experiences and keeps moving up through the dimensional scale to the 8th level at minimum (The Galactic Core – our Oversoul, the Teura). So our consciousness travels every night we go to sleep. The reason we go to sleep is because the genetic codes in our bodies cannot yet hold that much frequency (Frequency and energy is information) and in order to be able to process this information through your body, you body has to be able to handle higher current and since now our body can handle only frequencies up to D3 we have to go to sleep to handle the higher frequencies.

When we are dreaming we have experiences form the astro plane D4, from D5, D6 etc.- D8 where you don’t get images but direct cognitions of just knowing- these are the journeys we go on a daily basis.

The process is not to learn how to do that because everybody does it, the process is learning how to do it and remind ourselves of being aware while the process occurring. This can be achieve by activating our DNA to stimulate the growing of more neurological structures (nerve endings) that will allow more data to

be processed and translated into the 3 dimensional perception. So we become more and more conscious of the higher dimensional experiences that we are having as we evolve our genetic code.

We evolve our genetic code by a conscious effort directed to it. Remembering that our thoughts with its focus controls energy in our body.

The more Partiki units we bring in to our body by doing the meditation and energy exercises the more those patterns are transmuted even without us knowing what the patterns are – shifting and arranging the pattern to its original form. Transmuting the lower vibrating Particum units that our body is composed of in the lower aspects of our consciousness by pulling in the morphogenetic field of the higher dimensions which transforms the Particum into Partiki – which are pure consciousness units – and that clears the karma and the lower vibrating units.

Dreams is really the process of bringing pure light (See: Light & Shadow) into the areas where there is darkness. Darkness represents the lower, slowing moving particles.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
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