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Saturday, July 8, 2017

CDT Plates

(Cloister Dora-Teura Plates)

A series of 12 Pre-Atlantian Holographic Disk Records from 246,000 BC. They are small pale silver physical disk that contains massive tomes of practical physical and spiritual evolutionary advancement (Sacred Spiritual Science) teachings that are translated by 3 Speakers.

The three CDT-Plates Speakers are always contemporaries and work closely and cooperatively together, collectively presenting on Earth the translations to which they are commissioned over a 12 year period of time.

The CDT-Plates are holographic recordings, storage and transmition devices that holds massive amounts of data in encrypted, electromagnetic scalar-standing-wave form. They were manufactured from a form of striated-selenite-quartz crystal organic to the Density-2 planet Sirius B, surrounding a radioactive isotopic core, encased in a “hybrid-metal” silver-alloy compound organic to Earth.

They contain the full evolutionary history of life evolution in our Time Matrix since the last life-wave was seeded 950 billion years ago up to the present and also “future records” of the many various paths of evolutionary development of human and inter-dimensional, inter-galactic, inter-time races, which emerge from free-will choices rendered in our present space-time continuum.

They are presented to the races of our 15 dimensional Time Matrix by the Density-5 (Dimensions 13-15) Elohei-Elohim-Emerald Order, Seraphei-Seraphin-Gold Order and Braha-Rama-Amethyst Order. (The 3 primary Founders Races in our Time Matrix)

Translation of data from the CDT-Plates is accomplished through initiation of specific frequency transmitions, through which the discs activate to release their stored data in the chosen form of holographic, audio, visual or digital translation.

Among the numerous subjects included in the CDT-Plates are:
  1. The Melchizedek Cloister Law of One Spiritual studies.
  2. Keylontic Morphogenetic (matter template) Science
  3. 15 Dimensional Unified Field Physics
  4. Primary Creation Mechanics.
  5. Advanced Merkaba-Kundalini-DNA Bio-Regenesis Ascension Mechanics.
  6. Kathara Core Template Healing. (Kathara Healing)
  7. Planetary Templar Star Gate Mechanics.
  8. Pre-ancient History, Founders Races and Angelic Race evolution.
  9. Higher Sensory Perceptions and OOB travel. (Out of Body)
  10. Books of Maps and Key – The technical manual for Earth’s Hall of Amenti Star Gates and
  11. Planetary Templar Complex system.

They also serve a dual purpose in relation to obtaining manual access to the 12 Primary Start Gates of The Universal Templar Complex. The CDT-Plates are part of a larger apparatus the includes 12 corresponding, larger silver discs called the Signet Shields. One CDT-Plate translator and speaker was the man historically known as John the Baptist (31 BC-34 BC). Other CDT-Plate Speaker and leader of the Essene “Chrystian Movement” was Jeshua Melchizedek (Known as “Jesus” in the Bible)

Other translations of ancient times were dispensed through Speakers born into Hindu, Chinese, Tibetan, African, Egyptian, Mayan, Incan and Celtic-Druidic Grail Lines.

The CDT-Plate disks have been in protective custody within the Azurite-EOMC Eieyani Priest of Ur family lines since a cataclysmic event that took place on Earth in 208,216 BC. – Before that date they were in the protective custody of the Urtite human lineage.

The Maharata is the ancient Sacred Text translation of the Founders Races CDT-Plates from 246,000 BC, which originally contained 590 volumes, and over 500,000 pages, of non-dogmatic, egalitarian, Sacred Spiritual Science Teachings covering every aspect of mastering personal and cosmic reality.

Before intentional editing and distortion at the hand of Fallen Angelics and corrupt human power elite, the teachings of every traditional religious belief system on Earth, from Christianity to Buddhism and Indigenous Tribal Oral Tradition, originally emerged from re-translations of the Maharata Texts and CDTPlates.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.

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