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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


(Geomancy - Geomantic Entity or Eieyani - Ultra-terrestrials)

(See: Energy Matrix , Geomancy, Eieyani)

Eternal Collective of Consciousness projected by Source-God (Yunasai) to form the 3 Primal Sound Field – the Khundaray, of the Energy Matrix, from and through which the conscious life field of our Time Matrix is seeded.

Also called Geomancy or Geomantic Entities”, as they would appear as “geometric shapes made of living light” when viewed form an earthly perspective, Ultra Terrestrials, The Cosmic Trinity, Eieyani Elder Council or our Cosmic Family of Consciousness, and are the legitimate “Ascended Master” level.

Corresponds to the 3 levels of the Energy Matrix:

The Eckatic Level: - Grandeyanas – (Pronounced Gron’-dA-yon-us) Yanas of the First Primal Sound Field. Also called Emerald Order Yanas or Blue Flame Yanas. This First Primal Sound Field, the Eckatic Level, of the Energy Matrix represents the last passage of ascension into full expansion of consciousness and At-One-ment with the consciousness of God-Source.

The singular Blue Flame sound-tone of the Eckah Grandeyanas identity is translated into audible sound as "rah" or Ra. (In some spiritual traditions this inaudible tone has been referred as "the sound of the inbreath and out-breath of God".)

The audible sound translation of the "Ra" Eckatic Blue Flame sound-tone as it is spoken in our Time Matrix is Melchizedek (pronounced mel-kiz'-e-dek). (See: Ra ConfederacyThe Polaric Level: Wachayanas - (Pronounced Wa’’-shA-yon-us) Yanas of the Second Primal Sound Field. Also called Gold Order Yanas or Gold Flame Yanas.

The Triadic Level: Ramyanas - (Pronounced Ram’-yon-us) Yanas of the Third Primal Sound Field. Also called Amethist Order Yanas or Violet Flame Yanas.

Yanas, which means “ of, or in the Yunasai” exists within the Triadic Level of the Energy Matrix, the third level of individuation within Source.

Yanas collective from each of the 3 Primal Sound Fields of the Khundaray (Energy Matrix) are collectively called the Eieyani. The Yanas Collectives of the Primal Sound Fields represent our “ Cosmic Family of Consciousness”, through which all manifest things are indelibly connected to Source through the energetic expression of the Primal Sound Field.

The Yanas exist beyond the smaller reality fields within which space-time-matter experience takes place. The Eieyani collectives of the Khundaray Primal Sound Fields are the Eternal Guardian Collectives that are responsible for maintaining the structure integrity of the Energy Matrix and Time Matrix systems within them, and for seeding “life-waves” into manifest Time Matrices.

The Eieyani of the Khundaray Primal Sound Fields last seeded a life-wave into our 15-dimensional Time Matrix 950 billion years ago (Earth time translation), through the creation of the 3 Primary Founders Race Collectives in our time Matrix referred to as the Breneau Orders; and they exists as eternal gestalts of consciousness in the form of spherical Ante-matter constructs of Thermoplastic Radiation within the 3 Primal Light Fields that form Density-5, dimensions 13,14 and 15 of our 15-dimensional Time Matrix.

(Referred as the Kee-Ra-ShA)

The Eieyani Collective responsible for seeding life into out Time Matrix is called Melchizedek Cloister Eieyani or MC Eieyani. Occasionally they incarnate in various forms, into the fields of space-time-matter within the Density Levels of our Time Matrix, to fulfill universal service missions.

When in physical incarnation in time, incarnate Yanas most often use the name Eieyani in reference to their family line; in contemporary times, the Eieyani incarnate on Earth are commonly referred as “Type-1 Grail Line Indigo Children.”

Activation of DNA Strand Template 30-48 allows a being to fully embody the frequencies and consciousness of the Khundaray Primal Sound Fields from the Energy Matrix beyond the Time Matrix.

When a being activates the Khundaray within its body and consciousness it becomes what is known as a Khundara or “Yani,” a fully embodied Yanas, which is the legitimate use of the term “Ascended Master.”

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.

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