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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The Signets and the smaller Seed Crystal Seals formations that manifest through them, create a disk of spinning, horizontal wave spectra that direct the function of Hova Body merger, these scalar discs are the scalar templates upon which the Hova Bodies manifest, and are called Shields.

The Shields and the Signets that direct them are considered to be the core of the Level-2 Crystal Seals Kathara Grid. Each Hova Body contains at its core a Shield through which the Hova Body functions are governed.

The Shields are mathematical templates that tell consciousness and the primal life Source currents our bodies are made from which way to bend light and move sound in order to create the 3-dimensional hologram.

Shields also directly connect to our Merkaba, and are the controls mechanism of Merkaba. The Nada Hova Body of dimensions 1-2-3 forms on the TELLURIC SHIELD, its control center being the 2nd Kathara Center that is composed of 2nd Dimensional Frequencies.

The Alphi Hova Body of dimensions 4-5-6 forms on the DORADIC SHIELD.

The Becha Hova Body of dimensions 7-8-9 forms on the TEURIC SHIELD, its control center being the TEURA or Monad of the 8th dimensional frequencies.

The Mahara Hova Body of dimensions 10-11-12 forms the MAHARIC SHIELD, its control center being the Mahunta or Avatar Core of the 11th dimensional frequencies. (Shield of Aramatena)

The 5th Hova Body of dimensions 13-14-15 Primal Light Fields, the Raja Hova Body, forms on a set of Signets that correspond to stellar points within the Universal Kathara Grid. Its Shield, the RISHIC SHIELD, rotates on a vertical plane and it comes into activation within the personal morphogenetic field only after the four lower shields have transmuted the body into Pre-matter Liquid Light of the Maharic Shield.

The first 4 Horizontal spinning Shields are also known as the Harmonic Shields or Differential Field.

The Rishic Vertically spinning Shield is also known as the Parameter Field or Octave Shield. In terms of healing and advancing evolution of the earthly Identity, the first four Shields are of greatest importance.

When two Shields activate and reach a reciprocal spin rate the tissue capsule separating the 2 corresponding Hova Bodies releases and the 2 Hova Bodies merge, which is the process by which Higher Identity Integration occurs.

(See: Scalar Fields, Tribal Shield)

The RISHIC SHIELD is also called the Parameter Field or Shield, Octave Field or Sphere. This Parameter Shield or Field is the larger shield that carries frequencies called Octaves, and which corresponds to our Ecka Universe that sets the time for our Veca Universe.

It is this large Octave Shield (Parameter Shield) that surrounds the inner Radial Body spheres of our Veca system. - Shields are also Spheres.

We have Shields/spheres on every level. Every Kathara Grid implies a sphere of energy around it. We have spheres around us called Radial Bodies, our Solar System has a Shield which is the Solar System plane.

The entire Solar System with all its planets is really the Shield of our Sun, etc.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
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