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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Radial Body

(Trion-Meajhe Field)

The collective body of the 5 Hova Bodies or Capsules is called the Radial Body or Trion-Meajhe Field.

All manifest forms posses a Radial Body/Trion-Meajhe Field Hova Capsule structure as part of the intrinsic 15-Dimensional anatomy.

Radial Bodies are Spheres. (See: Shields) A Radial Body is known as a Trion Meajhe Field that forms a spherical Tissue Capsule Skin around our Three Dimensional Hova Body Structure.

As multidimensional Life Force Currents pass through the Meridian Lines and into each of the 5 layers of the Radial Body, the energy currents and the consciousness carried upon them project the mathematical program of the Divine Blueprint into the Trion-Meajhe Field of each of the 5 Hova Capsules of Bodies.

Within the Hova Capsule, the individualized raw Life Force Currents enter a system of 3-dimensional energy conduits or rivulets called Radis, which are the "turnstiles" between "manifest matter" and "conscious energy".

The Trion-Meajhe Field Radial Body of any manifest form represents the 5-Density "Veil" through which consciousness-as-Primal Life Force moves into and out of externalized 3-dimensional manifestation (Harmonic Universe).

The Radial Body or Trion-Meajhe Field receives, via Merkaba Field circulation, the template or "design"for its particle manifestation from the "instructions" held in the Divine Blueprint Maharic Shield and DNA Template of the Kathara Grid.

Manifestation instructions pass from the Kathara Grid to the DNA Template via Merkaba Field, then continue into the energy circulation systems (Axiom Lines, Hova Bodies, Chakras, Meridians) that deliver the instructions to the Radial Body for particulate manifestation.

In biological life forms, the Radial Body and Radis then translate the scalar-wave blueprint of the DNA Template and Kathara Grid into the polarized Ionic Particulate Mion-Dion sub-units, which accrete following the DNA Template instructions to form sub-atomic, atomic, molecular, chemical DNA, physical matter form - the vehicles of embodied consciousness.

The Radial Body is composed of five Hova Body tissue-like capsules of pre-sound, pre-light life-force energy around and within us. These capsules surround each density level of our own multi-dimensional anatomy.

Although the Radial Body is described as a tissue capsule, it is a highly specific 3-dimensional structure within which manifestation of matter occurs.

It is also the projection screen for the creation of our “holographic experience”. Distortions within our Radial Bodies create distorted holograms and thus directly determine the quality of the life we experience as manifest around us.

The Radial Body could be thought of as the living theatre within which the consciousness held in our DNA and entire energetic structure can be experienced as a 3D hologram. It is like the holographic refraction lens that allows the hologram to move through us.

In its original Divine Blueprint form, this Holographic Template within the Radial Body is the original God/Source thought-form construct upon which our universal structure is perpetually re-created.

Each Hova Body is surrounded by an energetic pre-matter tissue capsule (sphere) called the Radial Body.

We know that the Radial Body Tissue Capsule serves a the polarization lens through which the Primal Life Force Currents flow via Merkaba Fields circulation, form the Kathara Grid and DNA Template into manifestation, They do this through a process called Radial Body Transduction-Manifestation Sequence.

It is within and through the Radial Body structure that we experience our three dimensional manifest reality and time within our hologram.

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