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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


(Spark of the Living Flame)

The Monad Identity is the portion of the multi-dimensional mind that corresponds to the 8th Dimension and the God-Seed, the center of the Over-Soul Matrix and the Betcha Hova Body, through which the Hova Bodies and Identity levels in the Time Matrix connect to the God-Seed through the Hova Bodies stationed within the Energy Matrix.

The Monad is a 3-dimensional scalar grid (Hova Body) that houses the Over-Soul Gestalt Identity in dimensions 7, 8 and 9 (HU-3) and that simultaneously exists as a fixed pattern of tonal vibration within the God-Seed, within which the scalar grids of the 8 Hova Bodies reside.

(See: Energy Matrix)

The Monad Identity of D-8 is the central control consciousness for the Over-Soul Matrix-Betcha Hova Body.

Through Anchoring the Monad, to expedite the process of Over-Soul Integration, the scalar grid of the 8th-Dimensional Monadic Mind is brought progressively into merger with the 5th-Dimensional Archetype Mind and the 2nd Dimensional Emotional Mind - which realigns distortions in the 7th Dimensional Ketheric Mind, the 6th Dimensional Angelic Mind, the 5th Dimensional Archetype Mind, 4th Dimensional Astral Mind, 3rd Dimensional Mental Body, 2nd Dimensional Emotional Mind Body and 1st Dimensional Cellular and Etheric Instinctive Mind Body.

The Monad is the aspect of our multi-dimensional self that holds our direct connection to Source, our capacity to manifest in space-time-matter forms and retain open communication/flow back and forth. It holds our capacity for eternal life and serves as the “two-way swinging door” to and from Source. Earth is essentially going through increasingly intense levels of a monadic reset process right now. It is important to understand just what that is, so we can consciously participate and facilitate this process in the ways that correspond to our personal contracts and missions.

The Monad is the “spark of the living flame”. It is the living flow of primal life force currents, the generator that brings the living consciousness of Source into our reality, and provides this consciousness as the ‘fuel’ out of which our reality is made and maintained.

You can think of the Monad as the light generator, the energy that comes through the template and brings it to life, and the Seed Atom or Azur-A as the core template that energy is beamed through.

(See: Azur-A)

They are both formed of the same intention, and are just two aspects of that intention that are necessary to create a projected, perceivable hologram or reality field.

The dimension 8 location of the Monad is very important, as this is the center point of BOTH the time matrix and the 2-kathara-grid level of being, that contains both the manifestation matrix and the primal light and sound field matrix.

You can think of the Monad as the aspect of Source, and ourselves, that sets the pattern out of which every aspect of our reality is made.

When we talk about the Seed Atom or Azur-A, we inevitably end up talking about the Monad as well, as they are deeply connected, essentially different aspects of the same thing.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.

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