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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Merkaba Mechanics

(See: Merkaba)
  1. Merkaba Spiral
  2. Merkaba Field
  3. Merkaba Vehicle
  4. Trans-Harmonic Merkaba Vehicle (Space-Time Travel)
  5. Merkaba Vehicle Phases
The 15-dimensional personal Merkaba reflects the 15 dimensional Universal Merkaba of the Time Matrix.

1. The Merkaba Spiral:

Two Counter-Rotating Merkaba Spiral Sets (electric/magnetic), when fully activated represents one Merkaba Field.

Counter-Rotation of the 2 Merkaba Spirals in a spiral set means that the "top" (electric) Merkaba Spiral spins in one direction, while the "bottom" (magnetic) Merkaba Spiral spins in OPPOSITE direction.

This is the natural CHRISTOS INTERNAL Merkaba Field spin relationship upon which organic "Eternal Life, Perpetual Motion", Cosmic and Microcosmic structure is built.

2. The Merkaba Field:

Merkaba Fields are the energetic ‘organs’ by which we are kept in manifest dimensionalized phase lock, they are also the tools by which we can release ourselves from phase lock.

They enable us to move (which in reality is to expand) into the next set of dimensional fields of existence and progressively ascend.

Not all Merkaba teachings offered at this time achieve this positive outcome and this is why there is such an emphasis and thorough detail given on Merkaba mechanics within the MCEO teachings.

The Merkaba Field is a permanent and highly ordered Merkabic structure of inter-connected electromagnetic counter-rotating energy spirals that exist as an integral part of ALL CREATION.

The Personal Merkaba Field is a specifically structured, intrinsic part of the natural 15-Dimensional Anatomy (See: Time Matrix) of every life-form and manifest matter form.

The personal Merkaba Field represents the organic personal Merkabic Circulatory System through which consciousness manifests into space-time-matter and by which embodied consciousness receives a continual supply of Life Force energy, (Stream of Multi-dimensional Consciousness) and open personal relationship to God-Source while ensconced within manifestation.

When functioning naturally, the microcosmic personal Merkaba Field interconnects with the larger, macroscopic Planetary, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Merkaba Field Anatomy, the Cosmic Merkaba Circulatory System.

Everyone and everything HAS a personal Merkaba Field.

lf the personal Merkaba Field is damaged, (as the Merkaba Field of ALL Earth life forms have been since 208,216BC), the natural pen connection to the "Eternal Life Stream" and the living God-Source also becomes damaged, as the personal Merkaba Field cannot fully synthesize the natural Life Force Currents perpetually emanating through the Cosmic Merkaba Circulatory System.

A damaged personal Merkaba Field is utterly incapable of activating the natural Merkaba VEHICLE through which the Divine Freedoms of self-directed space-time transit, natural Star Gate passage, genuine Spiritual Identity Integration and real "Ascension" are possible.

3. The Merkaba Vehicle:

The Merkaba Vehicle is a transient (not permanent) Merkabic structure of interwoven. spiraling electromagnetic fields that when activated, allows for molecular cohesion of the physically manifest atomic body structure during Star Gate travel and Ascension.

Activation of the personal Merkaba Vehicle is required in order to replenish the natural supply of Life Force energies through which the Immortal "Breatharian", original "Angelic Human" and "Indigo-Oraphin" Eternal Life Body forms are perpetually maintained.

Activation of the Merkaba Vehicle is required to achieve Eternal Life, time travel and Star Gate passage. 

4. The Trans-Harmonic Merkaba Vehicle:

The 15-Dimensional Merkaba Field and the 15-Dimensional Merkaba Circulatory System of this Time Matrix to which all natural personal (15-dimensional anatomy) Christiac Merkaba Fields are connected, have a very specific structure.

Each of the 15 Dimensional Frequency Bands (Dimension) of a Time Matrix forms one smaller set of 2 counter-rotating Dimensional Merkaba Spirals that when fully activated represents one Dimensional Merkaba Field; thus there are 15 smaller Dimensional Merkaba Fields in one 15-DImensional Time Matrix.

Each of the 5 specific 3-dimensional Harmonic Universe (Density level) forms through a larger set of 2 counter-rotating Density Merkaba Spirals, that when fully activated represent one Density Merkaba Field.

Thus there are 5 larger Density Merkaba Fields, each containing 3 smaller Dimensional Merkaba Fields in one 15-Dimensional Time Matrix.

ALL natural, ORGANIC Christiac Merkaba Fields possess this intrinsic structure, including the natural personal Merkaba Field.

When at least two larger personal Density Merkaba Fields (each with their inherent 3 smaller
Dimensional Merkaba Fields) synchronistically activate, the 2 larger Density Merkaba Fields merge to form a Trans-Harmonic Merkaba Vehicle.

The Trans-Harmonic Merkaba Vehicle allows for the atomic structural integrity of the matter form within the vehicle to be maintained during Star Gate passage through the "Voids" (Magnetic Repulsion Zones) that exist between Harmonic Universes.

Activation of the Trans-Harmonic Merkaba Vehicle in biological life forms allows for atoms in one space-time vector to transport to a new space-time vector coordinate and instantaneously re-emerge and remanifest the atomic form within the new space-time vector through de-activation of the Trans-Harmonic Merkaba Vehicle.

5. The Merkaba Vehicle Phases:

Each level of higher Hova Body merger (Identity Integration) with the Incarnate's Nada Hova Body represents a Phase in the building of the Merkaba Vehicle; the correspondences are as follows:
  • Hallah Phase Merkaba - Alphi Hova Body (Soul Integration): a 6-dimensional vehicle through which bi-location of body and consciousness between Harmonic Universes 1 and 2 can occur.
  • Quatra Phase Merkaba Betcha Hova Body (Over- Soul Integration): a 9-dimensional vehicle through which full displacement from HU-1 to HU-2 can occur and bi-location of body and consciousness between Harmonic Universes 2 and 3 can occur.
  • Mahunta Phase Merkaba - Mahara Hova Body (Avatar Integration): a 12-dimensional vehicle through which full displacement from HU-2 to HU-3 Etheric matter can occur and bilocation of body and consciousness between Harmonic Universes 3 and 4 can occur.
  • Rahunta Phase Merkaba - Raja Hova Body (Rishi Integration): a 15-dimensional vehicle through which full displacement from HU-3 Etheric matter to HU-4 Liquid light Pre-matter can occur and bi-location of body and consciousness between Harmonic Universes 4 and the Triadic Levels of the Energy Matrix outside the Time Matrix can occur.
Most contemporary humans have yet to experience Soul Integration and their bio-energetic field and consciousness remain phase-locked within the Nada Hova body and 3-dimensional Incarnate Identity, a condition that is called Nethra Phase Merkaba.

Building the Phases of the Merkaba Vehicle allows humanity the opportunity to leave the Earthly time cycles of birth, death and rebirth, to enter the eternal time cycles of less matter density and higher evolution.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
  • The Forbidden Testaments of Revelation
  • The Tangible Structure of the Soul