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Saturday, June 24, 2017


(Divine Trinity - Life Force - Primal Force Currents)

(ManU - Void, ManA - Light, EirA - Sound)

The Primal Force Currents are the forms that Consciousness takes on in order to come into manifestation... these forces are made up of Partiki/Partika/Particum which are units of Consciousness that cycle in a specific way through all the levels of the anatomy in the Manifestation-Transduction Sequence according to the Krist Code.

They are the fabric of the Unified Field and the substance of the Scalar Waves that form the Templates upon which matter and consciousness manifest.

The living expression of God-Source identity as God-Force or eternal LIFE FORCE in known as the ManU Force that is composed of De-polarized "OMNI-POLAR" (Tri-polar) positive-negative-neutral charge PARTIKI units.

This ManU Force is often known as the "Holy Spirit" or "Great Spirit".

From within the unified ManU expression of God-Source emerge simultaneously the 2 smaller, polarized "Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine" ManA and EirA God-Force / Life Force expressions.

Together these first 3 expressions of God-Source AS God-Force/Life Force create the TRUE "Divine Trinity" of Cosmic Creation.

The ManU, ManA and EirA God-Force Life Forces are NOT external "Creator Gods" demanding "worship"; they represent the first three levels of living God-Source consciousness expressing as conscious, sentient, intelligent Life Force energy, existing within God-Source.

ALL energy, consciousness and manifestation emerge WITHIN and are COMPOSED OF the Life Force energies of the God-Force Trinity.

Separation from God-Source is only an illusion we can create for ourselves while within individuated manifestation, when we forget the OMNIPOTENT nature of Creation through the OMNIPRESENT God-Force Divine Trinity.

The Eternal INTERNAL Flame of ManU (Holy Spirit) energy is often called the "Amoraea Flame", which means "Eternal Flame of Divine Love."

Source creates the first downstepping, and through this process creates Within Itself:

  • The ManU - 1st PKI - Void Eternal Still point
  • The EirA - 1st PCM - pre-sound vibration - Divine Mother Creation Seed - Contracting receiving force.
  • The ManA - 1st PKA - pre-light, Divine Father Creation Spark - Expanding Transmitting Force.

The Cosmic Shield of ManU-Holy Spirit consciousness serves as the Cosmic STILL POINT of Creation, and holds within itself the smaller Cosmic Templates of Divine Masculine-ManA and Divine Feminine-EirA consciousness, called the POLARITY SHIELDS, through which sets of negativeelectrical charge Particum Universes and Positive-electrical charge Parallel Partika Universes
characterized by the experience of space-time-matter-movement, perpetually circulate into and out of manifestation through the Cosmic Shield and the inherent KRIST CODE DESIGN of the Cosmic-Kristiac and Universal-Christiac Merkabic Circulatory System.

The Holy Spirit Eternal Internal Flame is NOT just a "spiritual concept", it is a tangible, quantifiable standing-wave of living ManU God-Force consciousness expressing in the form of a standing-wave of Energy Radiation, within the Universal Christos Seed Atom AND within the embodied Personal God-Spark (Azur-A) Seed Atoms of every living manifest form.

In the beginning was the Void (Still-point: ManU)
and within the Void God spoke the Word (pre-sound vibration: EirA)
and from the Word came the Light (pre-light oscillation: ManA)
and from the Light came All Creation of the Higher and Lower Heavens

Ec-ka-sha - The Cosmic Holy Trinity

ManU - "EC", the "Void"/"Womb"/God-Spirit/Divine Source creates Partiki- Reion-Raeon-Ionon-Neutron Units.

ManA - "Ka", the "Light"/God-Spark/Divine Father creates PartikA-Trions- Ectrons-Dions-Electron Units.

EirA - "Sha", the "Sound"/God-Seed/Divine Mother creates Particum-Meajhon-Eiron-Mion-Proton Units.

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