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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Interior Government

(Secret Government)

The Secret or Interior Government represents a manifestation of the collective Shadow that has covertly directed the course of human evolution and cultural formation since ancient times.

If we do not acknowledge this force and learn how to posture ourselves in relation to it, we will become subjects of advanced Mind Control technologies between 2000-2017, suffer genetic digression, loose the little freedom we presently have and our Earth will fall under more Intruder ET dominion.

Interior Government is referred to a group of ET Intruders (unenlightened Zetas and others) and humans who have as their only agenda a quest for world power and are in the back of our official governments.

Their main agenda is aimed at “populace control” through One World Order (OWO).

These humans (often called the Illuminati) think nothing of betraying their own people, seeing the others as lesser and expendable.

The humans involved in this scheme are blinded by their pursuit of power and domination. They cooperate with the Zetas and other intruders allowing them to take what they desire from the human populace in return for technological and genetic advancements.

This group of humans would love to “live forever” since they have very little true spiritual comprehension – death is view as their greatest treat. They are nearly obsessed with techniques, genetic or otherwise, that will prolong life span and deter biological deterioration.

They are dangerous people, with many resources, but they are a minority. Around 100,000 key (human) members globally. Many other are involved but do not consciously know what they are submerged within.

They don’t want people to be informed and realize what we are really capable of doing.

They prefer to keep us distracted, and will create all sorts of political, economic and environmental strategies aimed at fueling controversy, internal conflict and other preoccupations so the public does not have time or energy to notice that information on many things is being withheld and misrepresented.

They will never allow us to embrace our personal essence and follow it into spiritual awakening,

They keep us busy with “more important things” than looking for answers to our lives in the true potential and capability of our multi-dimensional spiritual structure and in the fact that we are not the only or most intelligent form of life in the universe.

  • Does availability of money affect you?
  • Does personal security for yourself and loved ones affect you?
  • Does your biological and psychological health affect you?
  • Are holistic therapies being discredited and the use of drugs has increased for the treatment of“emotional” conditions and “new” mental disorders?
  • Why do you think the UFO sightings are repressed and censored from the media whenever possible?
  • Are you “pushed” to see only the “status quo” , the mainstream consensual reality, held in place?
  • What does the mainstream consensual reality teaches you?
  • Do you learn from childhood that you are a blessed multidimensional being here to manifest your self-sovereignty?
  • Does your training prepare you to work cooperatively in co-creation with others, or does it teach you to separate yourself from others and compete for limited rewards?
  • Do the ideas of these around you convince you that the world is a safe and joyful place, or do they suggest that the world is cold and dangerous?
  • Are you trained to reach out to your fellow humans in trust, or to be suspicious, protect yourself and retreat in fear?
  • Are you taught to love yourselves, your bodies and others, or to judge and condemn?
These are some of the specific areas they use to manipulate us in the mass level.

Your mainstream program tells you that everywhere you are helpless and victimized by forces beyond your control, that the world is a harsh and cruel place of limited resources for which you must compete, that your bodies are vulnerable and unable to protect themselves against disease, that humanity is chaotic and “sinful” and human nature cannot be trusted.

You are trained to believe through constant repetition and reinforcement that there is not “enough” and you must always need more, and that you are not enough. Not pretty enough or smart enough, strong enough, fast enough, powerful enough, wealthy enough or good enough.

You are taught, just as your parent have been, to believe that you are only what exist between the top of you head and the tip of your toes. You are trained to doubt the self, fear the self, punish the self, and to place your trust in authorities or “experts” that exist outside of you.

You are taught to long for but be afraid of power, and to fear your ability to handle it wisely.

You are programmed to believe that what is on the outside is more important than what is on the inside and to continually distract yourself with the more important external aspects of reality. 

You are too busy, overburden or distracted to take the time to explore the self, everything else seems “more important.”

Sacrifice the self, serve others, work hard, make more, buy more, need more… compete, push, produce.

Emotion is power, but you are taught to repress and invalidate emotional cognition. The intuitions and higher senses give you direct access to greater power and knowledge. And you are taught to negate, fear, devaluate, disown and discredit intuitive perception.

When people can lead themselves they do not need leaders, and when people can heal themselves they do not need healers. When people realize that “God” exists within them and that they exist within that force, they will not need other to save them.

There is no safety in blindness, only blindness. Safety comes from awareness and making appropriate choices, informed choices, and that is precisely what the Interior Government does not the masses to be capable of doing.

They prefer to keep all of us distracted, fragmented and confused, so we will not notice that our freedom is being stolen out from under us.

The Interior Government works “behind the scenes” while a “puppet government” maintains the illusion of freedom for the people by running campaigns of disinformation and propaganda whereby the populace is led to believe that these policies are in the best interest of the global community.

The base program that people in your time have been subconsciously following has trained you to close your minds, and to fear, judge and condemn many of the ideas and technologies (such as those of intuitive development) that would heal and set you free.

Look at the program and ask yourselves:
  • Does it nurture human potential or does it limit its possibilities?
  • It begets brotherhood and harmony, or does it create separation, segregation and power struggle?
  • Does it allow you to love and honor yourselves and others?
  • Does it teach you respect for all life?

The understanding shared by the New Age Movement and the Secret Government represents a conscious cognition and scientific validation of the existence of multi-dimensional structure, inter-dimensional operations and the existence of other sentient life forms from within the multi-dimensional universes that interact directly with Earth and its people.

Neither side realizes the whole structure, or the operational laws of nature within this multi-dimensional framework, and both are exploring these new frontiers to serve their intrinsic objectives.

From the Energy Healing, Channeling, Vortex/Chakra technologies and ET/Angelic contact of the New Age, to the EMP (Electro-magnetic pulse) technologies (See: HAARP), Remote viewing, Time-travel/Star Gate technologies and intruder ET Contact of the Secret Government.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
  • Voyagers I
  • Millennium Round up Expose