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Sunday, June 18, 2017


(Identity Levels - Multi-dimensional Anatomy)

Human Identity and biology come into being as a projection of consciousness from the collective Cosmic Morphogenetic Field Identity (a massive gestalt of consciousness identity which is referred to by many names; God, Source, Prime Creator, Great Central Sun, etc, etc)

Human identity comes into being as a projection of consciousness arising form "God Consciousness". (God Source)

(See: Higher Self)

As a result of a projection of consciousness which produces and subsequently manifest in the
Morphogenetic Field (MF) of the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix systems.

The stream of consciousness through which humanity manifests emanates from the Scalar Grid or Scalar Field entering the 15-Dimensional system through the 8D (8th Dimension) portal (See: Monad), subsequently spreading upward and downward through all Dimensions of the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix.

This directly creates the morphogenetic blue print of the human multi-dimensional form.
The blue print of human consciousness follows that of all dimensional systems; consciousness is broken down into 5 sets of 3 dimensions forming separate, but interwoven morphogenetic bodies of light and sound within which portions of consciousness are carried.

The 5 (3 dimensional) bodies of human anatomy - called Hova Bodies - representing distinct portions of identity and awareness, then manifest in "time".

Each has multiple expressions of identity in which singular identities and biologies are created.

Each corresponds to different aspects of the human body and psyche.

The 5 dimensionalized bodies (Hova Bodies) are storehouses of all human consciousness; though conscious physical identity is primarily located in D3 (dimension 3); intuitive identity in D2, and subconscious identity in lower D2 and D1.

This illustrates as how dimensions act as Scalar Grids. (better understood as bands of frequency where portions of multi-dimensional identity are stationed.)

Understanding human nature requires more than just understanding the lower dimensions - simply due to the fact that true human anatomy is comprised by a multi-dimensionalized structure bridging various expressions of conscious identity.

Therefore, incarnate identity exists as one part of a large identity gestalt stationed in the higher bodies.

(See: Reincarnate Identity)

Higher dimensional identities represent more energy, and therefore more conscious awareness, than lower identities, representing the super conscious aspects of mind and being.
This consciousness in unseen, but IS manifest; each aspect simply lies beyond the human perceptual range (wherein lie the additional seven 'senses').

The true process of human evolution is concerned solely with the incarnates' expansion of perceptual consciousness into higher dimensional fields which are outside the perceptual range of the human incarnate identity.

(See: Identity Integration)

Nevertheless, it is correct to assume that the physical body and biological form is construed from the same energetic substance that the entire multi-dimensional self is made from; the conscious, electro-tonal scale/grids of the multi-dimensional, morphogenetic anatomy.

The higher bodies manifest as a direct function of human DNA; the content of which determines the life path, and circumstances, and contour, of conscious awareness that will manifest in each incarnation

Higher bodies govern the blueprint on which human experience manifest as physically incarnate experience.

Merging these bodies (identities) represents the key to spiritual enlightenment, opening incarnate perception to higher level of consciousness.

This means progressively transmuting physical existence into progressively less dense states of matter (Density Level) - Finally integrating all its dimensional parts, ultimately returning to its original state of pure consciousness identity.

Every person has a unique identity and individualization which lies outside of all time/space dimensions.

This identity is called 'the Seed of Consciousness' - the original point of origin, the spark or ember of God, the Permanent Atom.

When an individuation of God-Source experiences itself in a certain set of dimensional frequency bands, we say it is Phase Locked.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas. 

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