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Friday, June 30, 2017

Higher Sensory Perception


HSP involves using the seven senses of the human organism that exist at a higher frequency that the five identified senses with which you are familiar.

Because these sense facilities themselves exist within the higher frequencies bands of the human bioenergetic field, they are able to bring and translate (through the Keylon Codes) higher frequency data (some can translate ultra low frequency also)

The energy that links the human to its Soul Matrix is high frequency energy. The “higher” senses of HSP are the facilities used to translate Soul Matrix information, through the body into the human awareness.

The development of HSP is part of the human evolutionary path (evolution). Certain Keylonta Codes (Keylon Codes) must be activated by energy impulses from the Soul Matrix to set in motion the latent codes (within the “junk DNA”) that will direct the body (through its electrical, chemical and hormonal structure to translate the higher frequency information.

The starting point for developing HSP is Emotional Awareness. If the human species continues to repress and negate the emotional aspects of its being, which it is now biologically capable of synthesizing, the logical mind will never discover the freedoms that exist beyond the limits of its present ideas.

The logical mind (Reasoning Mind) brings only “half of the picture”, so you will never understand the true nature of yourselves or your world if you do not put that partial picture together with the other pieces that exist within your emotional heritage.

(See: Emotional Mind)

You cannot understand emotion by using the logical facilities alone.

Emotion has its own logic, methods of synthesizing energy and ideas that are unique unto itself. The logic of the mind will bring you Conclusions, whereas the logic of the emotions will bring you Cognition. Without that cognition, operating subconsciously through the emotive facilities, your logical conclusions would make no sense to your conscious awareness.

When you cut off emotional cognition from logical perception, you create an artificial boundary within your identity and conscious awareness.

The logical mind must learn to effectively directs, not repress, the emotional energies.

There are techniques that you can learn to use to assist in emotional healing, intuitive development and activation of your higher senses. The techniques may make little sense to your conscious mind because presently you do not consciously understand the working of these internal energy dynamics.

To evolve the emotions and intuitions effectively, you must manipulate the Keylon Codes contained within your cells, and you cannot do this without the direction and knowledge supplied by your Soul Matrix. In setting the conscious intention to link with the energies of the Soul Matrix, you open the door for the needed information to enter your conscious awareness.

For this reason it is of primary importance that you develop the conscious ability to communicate directly with your Soul Matrix.

As long as your logical mind refuses to learn the subtle dynamics of energy direction through the mind, you will not be able to bring into your awareness the knowledge you need to effectively clear the emotional energies.

As long as you allow “logic to rule” you will not growth to understand the logic of the higher senses.

If you are to integrate with the Soul Matrix, if you are to become fully human, drugging emotions out of existence, and fearing the power of your emotions will not promote healing.

Your first responsibility is to be healing yourself through clearing the emotional energies and allowing the energy of the Soul Matrix to flow into your biological form.

Only you have the ability to awaken yourselves, to see the reality beyond the illusions of your tree-dimensional world, and to experience realities free from the disease, sorrow and confusion that your polarized perceptions create.

So much wonder awaits you as you awaken to the truth of your heritage and take your rightful place within the universe.

We suggest that you muster the courage to leap out of the bowl of your limited ideas and perceptions and begin to explore the strange new world of multidimensional reality and identity that flashes by everywhere around you.

Human Emotion is the key to human “salvation,” for it is through the perceptual structures of the emotional facility the truth can be discerned.

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
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