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Friday, June 30, 2017


(Resetting of the Cosmic Clock)

Hetharo is a part of a Merkaba Cycle that correspond to the Electrical Peak. (May 27, 2003).

Referring to the peak or top speed of the spin of the electrical Merkaba in the Electrical- Magnetic Merkaba set.

It is followed by another event of the same cycle which called the Hethalon (August 12-15, 2003) , which is the Magnetic Peak or top speed of the spin of the magnetic Merkaba in the Electrical- Magnetic Merkaba set.

Hetharo is a very natural cycle. A part of what it is also called the replenishing of the Crystal Seed Atom (Center of the Merkaba and it is that which makes the Merkaba spin). That is, going back to the original point of creation and reset again.

(See: Yon-A-Sa Cycle, Heliotalic Currents)

The Cycle He-Tha-ro/He-Tha-lon/Reusha-Ta/Ecka-shi) which is a set of interrelated events of Christiac Creation Physics collectively known as the "Great Cleansing and Renewal" or "Judgement Day" "Judgement Day" is not an event of "God passing judgment upon the good and evil", casting the evil doers into hell and selecting selecting those fit for ascension to heaven. 

"Judgement Day" is an event of natural Physics Laws that takes place when the internal electromagnetic battle between the Christos Seed Atom and Merkaba/Shield Reversal reaches its final critical mass expression or "outpicturing" into manifestation.

When the Tribulation Cycle brings all of the internal energy of power struggle out into expression within the manifest arena, the evolutionary cycle that began the Trial Period comes to an end and the Christos Seed Atom is re-set in the shields through the process of He-Tha-ro/He-Tha-lon/Reusha-Ta/Ecka-shi.

The event of a full He-Tha-ro/He-Tha-lon/Reusha-Ta/Ecka-shi cycle has not transpired in this 15 dimensional Time Matrix for over 250 billion years (Earth time) so we are presently living Cosmic-History-in-the-Making. One of the greatest tools through this time of unprecedented Universal-Galactic-Planetary change is the knowledge of Christiac Merkaba Mechanics through which we can become Conscious Co-creators in the path of our chosen destiny.

In March 2002 UIR factions initiated powerful reverse-current (anti-Christiac) activations in the planetary grids that led to phase-lock within the Earth's grids. This has left one-third of the grids aligned with its natural Christiac Divine Blueprint and the remaining two-thirds aligned with the reversed, anti-Christiac frequencies. A critical amount of anti-Christiac reverse currents were directed into the Earth's grids and this Universe by the actions of the UIR and this in turn triggered an inbuilt God Source self-survival event called Hetharo and Hethalon or “Resetting of the Cosmic Clock”.

This process set in motion a set of events that will over the next few years until 2012, result in "clearing" of these anti-Christiac reversed currents and a resetting of the entire circulation of life force currents throughout this whole Universe.

In order for this dramatic process to occur without wiping out life on planets such as the Earth, the Arc of the Covenant base-6 gate system and the "Golden Fleece" buffer field were activated in the Earth’s grids.

The Golden Fleece buffer field effectively protects our physical system, our bodies, all life forms and Earth’s grids from the otherwise destructive forces involved in a Hetharo and Hethalon event.

During the Hetharo-Hethalon Cycle of May-August 2003 the seed atoms in all living forms in this Universal Time Matrix were split and the separation of the our Earth’s grids began. We also began a series of probability time line shifts that moved us from the "lowest" (i.e., least Christiac) probability outcome to successively higher Christiac probability time lines.

A quantity of God Source consciousness called the Amoraea Wave or 13th Pillar, emerged from the field of first creation/living consciousness of God-Source and initiated on this planet during Hetharo (May 27, 2003).

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
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