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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


(Anti-Kristiac - Metatronic Coding)

To digress from the original “Christos” Divine Blueprint.

(See: Fallen Angelics, FALSE New Age Movement, Questions for Discernment)

When the Precise Mathematical-Geometrical Instructions for Perpetual Motion of the Original Creation Program - the Krist Code - from God Source is altered or modified in any way (Anti-Christiac Expression), the self-regeneration abilities (perpetual life) of the manifest forms is interrupted leading to destruction of the corresponding matter-form via self-annihilation of the Partiki units.

(See: Phantom, Phantom Matrix)

Altering the precise Krist Code encryption configuration of perpetual motion and eternal life breaks the link with God-Source infinite energy supply. Since the modified coding cannot receive any more energy directly from Source only a LIMITED SUPPLY of energy remains within its own shield template functioning as a black hole system that has to suck energy from other systems and progressively self consumes, therefore, has a Finite Life.

This is the Metatronic (Anti-Christiac) Code Configuration.

(See: Monadic ReversalDemon SeedReverse Mutation)

When this happens the manifest being is unable to fulfill the Primal Purpose and maintain the Primal Condition - this is the Fall.

(See: Miasms, Sho-na)

The Free Will Choice is allowed even if that choice leads to the CHOICE of OPPOSITE EXPRESSION (Anti-Christiac Expression) to the Original Divine Intention and Divine Will of God-Source.

The FALL, due to Metatronic Code Configuration, is the result of excessive misuse of Free Will Choice of Opposite Expression of Divine Intention reaching a point at which it jeopardizes the Perpetual Motion, Eternal Life expression and continued existence of Cosmic Order.

(See: Oblivion, Host Matrix)

When manifest beings use their gift of Free Will Choice within the Original Divine Intention the state of AT-ONE-ment with God Source can be known and embodied while within the manifest experience.

(See: Heroic Path)

Fall: When an opposite-expression of Free Will Choice is made, resulting in reversals of flow and structure - due to alteration to the Krist Code - this will manifest in the individual's experience as a progressive increasing experience of Limitation, limited supply of energy and consciousness, and Separation from Source and other beings.

These are natural expressions of the physical reality of diminished flow through the central point of one's being. Through these experiences, one can be led to explore the choosing of the Original Divine Intention, which leads to increasing joy, experience of Oneness and ever-lessening limitation.

The Attitudes and Responsibilities of Mastery are crucial to understanding what kind of choices lead to what kind of outcomes, and provide guidelines regarding choices that leads towards Oneness and the freedom from limitation and separation associated with true mastery. (See: Ascended Masters)

At the point of critical mass damage, the Merkaba spiral that brings energy from God Source “in” to manifestation will reverse spin, having slowed to the point at which it matches the “out” flowing Merkaba spiral spin.

While both spirals can be affected, it is the loss of the “incoming” flow that creates the decisive disconnection, as this means that there can be no more opportunity for energy from Source to repair the damage that has been done: it is only a matter of time until the energy in the manifestation has been expended into form-creation, and entirely used up.

This process is directly related to miasms and the expression of “karma” in one’s reality.

If enough reverse-polarity apparthi are present in a shield, the flow of primal life force currents is actually repelled, as the flow of currents from one level to another depends on proper polarities. The repelling of primal life force currents causes the vertical axis, or staff, of the Merkaba to break Once the Merkaba staff is broken, the incoming electrical spiral can be reversed, as its rotation is overwhelmed by the stronger rotation of the magnetic spiral. The reversal of the incoming, electrical Merkaba spiral causes the ManU window at the center to close permanently. As energy from Source comes through the inside, and manifests through you, once the entry point is closed, it cannot be re-opened. The being is left with a limited time of continued existence in manifest from, as all of the energy that remains within it is expended. At that point, there is a reversal of polarity and all of the expended energy is drawn back inwards toward the center via the magnetic spirals.

Since this energy has ‘nowhere to go’, being disconnected from Source, it progressively grows denser and denser, creating the condition of molecular compaction. There is a point of critical mass compaction, at which point the seed atom (Azur-A) implodes under the pressure of its own weight.

The particles and antiparticles at the core of the seed atom undergo internal fusion and annihilate each other. The final stage consists of internal fission, causing the template to shatter (space dust) and the Merkaba field to totally collapse. At this point the manifestation has completely ceased to exist in its original form, and the units of consciousness of which it was composed have no memory of that manifestation.

Source retains a memory imprint of that aspect of creation up to the point of monadic reversal, and that memory will be eternally retained. The units of consciousness of which the original manifestation was made will continue to exist (as individual Partiki) in the same level of creation (e.g., harmonic universe 1, for example), and will be assembled by other beings into new forms that do have the potential for ascension.

(See: OblivionBorenthasala)

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
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