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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dolar Matrix

(Avatar - Christos Self - Mahara or Maharic Self)

The Dolar Matrix is the (Avatar or Mahara) identity levels stationed in dimensions 10, 11 and 12 and composed of the frequency bands of those dimensions.

A part of the Higher Self.

The Triadic Identity – the Avatar Identity (Dolar Matrix) of Harmonic Universe 4 (HU-4) that includes:
  1. The Christiac Mind – D10
  2. The Buddhiac Mind – D11
  3. The Nirvanic Mind. – D12

Collectively called the Metaconscious Mind

Represents the Galactic Mind Matrix. (or “Solar Logos”)

Integration of our Avatar identity represents the true meaning of "Christed Consciousness" The Avatar Identity or Dolar Matrix is the portion of the multi-dimensional identity that corresponds to the Mahara Hova Body of Harmonic Universe 4, contains the Christiac Mind of the 10th Dimension, the Buddhiac Mind of the 11th Dimension and the Nirvanic Mind of the 12th Dimension and exists in a Pre-Matter Liquid Light state of density.

The Avatar identity level represents the 12-dimensional state of cognitive expansion one experiences with full activation of the 12 DNA strands of the Silicate Matrix genetic imprint; it is the highest level of awareness that can be embodied within the physical human form.

The Avatar is a gestalt of Meta-terrestrial consciousness, which includes all incarnational identity aspects positioned within the lower dimensions.

When one has integrated all or part of the Avatar identity level the perception of time, space and matter changes to a 12-dimensional spectrum of Multi-vector Consciousness.

The Mahara Hova Body scalar grid of the Avatar identity connects the Etheric matter Over-Soul Matrix of Harmonic Universe-3 (Betcha Hova Body, dimensions 7-9) with the Ante-matter Rishi identity in Harmonic Universe-5 (Raja Hova Body, dimensions 13-15).

The term Avatar is also used to describe human or discarnate consciousness that posses 7-12 dimensions of conscious awareness, but only those with 10-12 dimensions of consciousness are considered true Avatars.

Though all human incarnates are connected to a gestalt of higher dimensional consciousness that includes the Avatar identity level, not all incarnates can fully embody the 12-dimensions of consciousness in one life time.

The bio-energetic field of a fully embodied Avatar transmits a massive spectrum of inter-dimensional electro-magnetic and scalar waves. If too many 12th level Avatars entered the Earth system at one time the morphogenetic field of the planet would over-load with frequency causing planetary implosion. Thus true Avatar embodiments are the result of a limited number of Contract Agreements made between a consciousness choosing to incarnate from Harmonic Universe-4 (most consciousness incarnate from harmonic universes-1 and 2) and the Harmonic Universe-5 Rishi gestalts of consciousness who watch over human evolutionary cycles (often called the "Councils of Light").

True Avatars can incarnate only through very specific gene code combinations, which allow for the formation of a fetal pattern that can hold higher dimensional frequencies of energy.

Frequently Avatars do not awaken to their true identity, full embodiment of Avatar awareness and full 10-12 strand DNA activation until well into adulthood.

Awakening of Avatars is synchronized with the raising of vibration within the planetary morphogenetic field, most awaken in stages as the planetary vibration rises.

Avatar contracts always involve some form of work that affects the evolution of the masses. 

Even though most humans do not posses Contracts for full Avatar embodiment, many hold Over-Soul Integration Contracts and are capable of expanding the consciousness into Over-Soul embodiment through merger of the Nada, Alphi and Betcha Hova Bodies and activation of DNA strands 7-9.

Once Over-Soul embodiment is achieved one can open to receive information from their Avatar identity and Rishi identity levels, which is not the same thing as full biological embodiment of the level, but still provides a transcendent state of awareness.

The Avatar identity represents the true meaning of "Christed Consciousness" One entering this level of integration is capable of entering Mahunta Phase Merkaba (See: Merkaba Vehicle’ phases) for full biological transmutation abilities within 4 harmonic universes (ascending or descending through the 12-dimensional scale at will), once skill has been honed and 12 DNA strands have been activated.

Avatars can access the Galactic Memory Record. Avatars are called Regents (3rd degree Ministers) in the Melchizedek Cloister Ordination Program (MCEO).

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
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