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Monday, June 26, 2017

Crystal Body

(Also called: Morphogenetic Field -MF or Manifestation Template or Hova Bodies)

In relation to human beings, the 8 Hova Bodies within the anatomy of the Multi-dimensional human morphogenetic field are collectively referred to as the Crystal Body.

The crystalline latticework blueprint for the body and consciousness that is composed of ultra-micro particle units called Partiki.

One of the 6 primary elements in the Science of Keylonta.

The Crystal Body term used to refer to the multi-dimensional Keylon Code structure of a matter form or form of consciousness or energy. Represents the Keylon Code make-up contained within the personal

Partiki grid of a form. Everything has a Crystal Body, from every small particle to the big galaxies in the cosmos.

It sets the manifest characteristics of a form, it’s sub-atomic structure and body rhythms, the wave energy and Partiki units will move through the body and the type of conscious awareness the form will be able to embody.

The human Crystal Body encompasses 12 dimensions of identity and form, sets the structure for the bioenergetic fields and chakra system and spiritual identity – as well as setting the structure for the genetic code, physical body and conscious and unconscious minds.

By interacting with the Crystal Body we can expand human evolutionary potential and accelerate its process.

The Crystal Body could be called the Keylon body or the Partiki Body, but the name Crystal Body gives you the right visualization of what it is and how it looks.

To access our Crystal Body you cannot do it from D3. You have to do it from the dimensional frequencies bands above. That gets the Keylons to open to accept a new program of operation, so when we use Light Symbol Codes with our mind, that light is direction D4 sound.

Our Sound in D3 is actually Light in D2. D3 sound appears like light in D2.

That’s why when you visualize events that you would like to see happen, you visualize that in D3 and create a light signature that corresponds to sound in D4 which enters into your Crystal Body and becomes part of it.

Our Crystal Body not only holds our form but also creates our holographic perception of our manifested D3 reality. Like a projector machine in a movie theater. It looks like it is separate from us but t is not.

When you program the Crystal Body, which is called cellular memory, you imprint a signature in it. That’s where the concept of Karma comes from. Everything that is incorporated in our Crystal Body will eventually cycle out in the hologram projection created by the refraction of sound and light.

Since our thoughts are composed of Partiki also this is why mind affects matter, we are not very good at it now but there were times in our species development many eons ago when we were more advanced, we had more DNA plugged than now that we had complete control over matter with our minds. It was nothing - it was like breathing. We have to relearn that process. And Keylontic Science is one tool that can help us move in that direction.

In relation to human beings, the 8 Hova Bodies within the anatomy of the multi-dimensional human morphogenetic field are collectively referred to as the Crystal Body.

The human Crystal Body represents an 8 level scalar grid that is composed of electro-tonal ultra-microparticle units of consciousness called Partiki, Partika and Particum.

These ultra-micro-particles form geometrically arranged Partiki Strands and Partiki Gilds that are the foundation “fabric” or template of dimensionalized light, sound and scalar waves upon which the individuated consciousness and matter substance of the physical body manifests within the varying level! s of matter density in the Time and Energy Matrices. The Crystal Body is the morphogenetic field, which forms as a crystalline structure of interwoven Partiki units due to the geometrical relationships between the light, sound and scalar waves upon which it is built. The Partiki Grids of the Crystal Body form the scalar

grids of electro-tonal standing wave patterns that form the structure of the Hova Bodies, which serves to house the individuated stations of consciousness within dimensionalization.

The term Crystal Body is used in reference to the multi-dimensional morphogenetic field, of a person, object, planet, galaxy, universe or cosmos. It contains the 8 Hova Bodies of human anatomy, their corresponding levels of mind and holds the imprint for the DNA—RNA pattern through which the biological genetic code of the physical body manifests. The Crystal Body of both biological and nonbiological forms represents the geometrical template upon which particles and anti-particles group to “flesh out the form in mailer”.

The Crystal Body morphogenetic field represents the causal aspect of all manifest effects, and thus it is the level of energetic reality and consciousness through which manifestation can be directly affected. Keylontic Science techniques use Geomancies (geometrical patterns of light, sound, electro-magnetism and scalar waves) as wave- guides to alter and adjust the scalar grids of the Crystal Body, to create desired beneficial effects in manifest conditions.

  • The Particum Crystal Body is called: LotE
  • The Partika Crystal Body is called: LotI
  • The Veca Crystal Body is called: Lotum
  • The Ecka Crystal Body is called: Lota
  • The Ecka-Veca full Crystal Body is called: LotA

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
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  • Introduction to The Monad - Module Handbook