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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Arc of the Covenant

(Arc Auto-pilot Emergency Override System)

(Arc Gates - Arc Zone)

The Arc of the Covenant is a Time Portal passage between Earth and the Andromeda galaxy that was created 840,000 years ago by Guardian Races.

The Arc of the Covenant, part of the Kristiac Network, is also Known as the Arc Auto-pilot Emergency Override Mechanism.

It was used to store and protect the Sphere of Amenti until the Sphere could be returned to Earth's core.

The Arc allowed the Sphere of Amenti to descend from Andromeda when Earth' core reached a high enough vibration rate.

Races of the 3rd Seeding were birthed into flesh through the Arc of the Covenant. Arc was originally called Arch of the Covenant of Palaidor, denoting the Palaidorian Covenant through which the Amenti Rescue Mission was begun 550 million years ago.

(See: Covenant of Palaidor)

A portal passage between D2 Earth and D9 Andromeda (USG-9) system that was created by Emerald Guardian Groups 840,000 years ago to enable the 3rd seeding of the Angelic Humans lineage on Earth.

The "Ark of the Covenant Big Gold Box" that has been part of humanity's legendary heritage and for which many have quested from ancient times, is a large box that was created after the 9558 BC fall of Atlantis to house the radioactive "Rod and Staff" star gate/portal opening tools.

Both the Arc (think electrical "arc") and the Ark (think "gold box") are real tangible, physical terms.

Knowledge of the Arc passage and the Ark Box Star Gate Tools was intentionally hidden by various competing factions of Fallen Angelics-directed Leviathan-Illuminati of Earth, in order to allow them to continue their Arc passage dominion quest secretly, unbeknownst to the masses.

(See: Kristiac Network)

The "Arc of the Covenant" or the "Arc Zone" is a Divine Blue Print-sealed hologram-within a hologram, which exist as a frequency modulation area within the Void (magnetic repulsion zone) between the Universal-Veca and Ecka systems.

When matter forms "enter the Arc of the Covenant" or the "Arc Zone" they seem to "disappear" from the manifest territories of their original hologram as they enter the frequency shelter of the Arc of the Covenant through "wearing the Golden Fleece."

In the event of interdimensional politics reaching a point where there was a potential threat to the integrity of the God-worlds, God-Source created an in-built override system called the Arc of Covenant.

This override system is also known as the Arc Auto-pilot Emergency Override Mechanism and it can prevent any portion of Earth and its related planetary systems that contain activated Shield of the Arc Codes to prevent Black Hole fall during a Stellar Activation Cycle.

In response to the activation of powerful anti-Christiac currents into our Earth and related Universe, the Arc Auto-pilot Emergency Override System was automatically upgraded to trigger what is called a Level-6 opening of the Arc of the Covenant.

The Arc of the Covenant will now be transmitting frequencies from the levels closest to God-Source known as the Eckasha-Aah Universe.

The energy life-force current associated with this level of Arc opening is referred to as the Double Eckasha-Aah 13th Pillar and this Pillar began activating within Earth’s shields on May 27 2003.

Because of these events, the Guardian Alliance introduced Earth races to the Arc Seal Release Codes and the Cosmic Krist Arc of the Covenant Codes. The four Stanz Arc Codes were introduced in November 2002 so we would have the opportunity to activate them into our own and Earth’s DNA templates.

These codes enable activation, during the transmission of the 13th Pillar frequencies,of the Arc of the Covenant Golden Fleece Buffer Field which is a highly specialised protection shield.

The Golden Fleece Buffer Zone is a protection zone, an impermeable “force field” containing a mixture of frequencies from Dimensions 8, 12 and 14 that correspond to the colour spectrums of gold, pale silver and pale yellow-gold respectively.

Activation of the specialized mathematical-geometrical Shield Program of the Arc of the Covenant, which is known as the Shield of the Arc scalar-shield program, is required for a universe, galaxy, star, planet or person to gain entry into the Arc of the Covenant Arc Zone.

The Arc Zone is a half-step in frequency, a ‘half-way house’, between the frequency bands of the Veca Universe, in which we currently find ourselves, and the Ecka, the first level of the God Worlds.

The Shield of the Arc program exists as a set of specialized Keylon Codes that are calibrated precisely to the Arc Zone and passage. The specialized (Keylon) Codes of the Arc collectively form a Shield-withina-Shield that is called the Shield of the Arc.

The Polarian Matrix and Arc of the Covenant Interface Networks allow the intensive restorative Helio-THERMAL frequencies of Starburst to gently down-step and modulate into harmonious co-resonance with the specific frequency signatures of the systems to which the Networks are connected

References: The “Freedom Teachings” of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (MCEO), Speaker: E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas.
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